Why choose robots for driving range outfield maintenance

Driving range operation and management involves significant expenditure. How can your facility reduce maintenance costs whilst maintaining ideal playing surface quality?

Automated robots for driving range outfield maintenance

The  average driving range is made up of roughly 2.5 hectares and is often not only an additional source of revenue, but also an essential component of the existence of any golf club. On average roughly 18% of golf equipment is devoted to small facilities, this includes  pitch and putt courses along with driving ranges, where training and teaching take place. there.  In doing so several factors are involved:

  • Maximize the playability of the course
  • Ensuring health and safety is paramount
  • Keeping the grass cutting height identical to that of the fairway

Driving range maintenance vs the human resources of a golf facility

Golf facility maintenance is an essential area of expertise in the golf industry.  Jobs such as greenkeepers, mechanics, and water technicians or a caddy master, generally require only one designated person to carry out tasks. Other roles such as gardeners will involve several people and depend on various variables that fluctuate considerably such as season period,  the climate along along with the number of players at the facility . It is not always easy to anticipate peak activity, so it is often difficult to balance out the costs related to this seasonal nature of the business.

Automated vs manual maintenance

Truebot robots are an alternative to traditional driving range maintenance equipment and can offer facility overall cost savings of between 10%-50%. Energy costs are a third of what thermal machines would cost, and can provide significant savings on human resources. Another beneficial feature is how quiet the robot are which is a huge advantage in a golf-playing environment.

Robots for driving range outfield maintenance

Choosing robots for driving range outfield maintenance, means the robotic mower and automatic ball collector allows your facility to;

  • Operate a forward-looking golf course
  • Guarantee a quality driving range every day of the week
  • Keep the driving range open longer hours
  • Optimize health and safety
  • Reduces fluctuations in human resource costs

Robot technology is becoming increasingly popular among golf facilities across the UK. Find out what professionals say about using robot technology for driving range maintenance to hear the benefits and contact us for a free no obligation site appraisal of your facility.