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Available Models


Capacity 16,000m2

Dimensions: 872x700x304 mm
2 Cutting Heads
Autonomous charging
Runs wirelessly using GPS RTK Technology

Best suited to single or double sports fields and gardens


Coverage Area

75 min

Charge Time

3.6 km/h



cutting heads

Belrobotics TM-850 Robotic Mower 

Good things come in small packages

Harbouring all the great technology from BigMow and ParcMow RTK,  just in a smaller package.

With a capacity of 16,000m2 the TM-850 is perfect for a single sports pitch looking for daily mowing. Also suitable for gardens and all other smaller turf areas.

Features of the TM850 mower


Electromagnetic guidance system, allowing you to set the boundaries of your desired mowing area and leave your robot to do its job.

Remote updates mean that your automated solutions will never become outdated or get left behind as new models are released.

Retractable blades which retract when an obstacle is identified – ensuring no undue damage to plants, flower beds and trees.

A homing beacon which sees your equipment return to its charging station when the task is complete.


Connected Line App & Web Portal

Your robot mower works autonomously, which is due to carefully worked out programming.

To make your life even easier, the TM-850 is connected to a web portal, for monitoring. This is particularly useful for clients that don't always have someone on site.

Furthermore, you can also manage your fleet of robot mowers entirely from your tablet or your smartphone.