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Belrobotics BallPicker - Ball Collector Robot

Change the game

Designed to streamline your operations, our automated range ball management solution seamlessly combines ball picking, washing, and dispensing into one efficient process.

From enquiry to installation, our team will guide you every step of the way, ensuring the flawless execution of your project. Trust us to maximize your revenue and minimize labour costs through our expertly integrated custom equipment solutions. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, your project is in safe hands, guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Boost Your Business

We understand the significance of enhancing core business processes and fostering strong customer relationships.

Whether you run a small country club or a sprawling commercial range, our automated range ball management system is here to optimize your productivity and revolutionise the way you manage your golf balls.


Range ball wash & transport system


Unmatched Efficiency

When it comes to golf ball management, reliability, effectiveness, and user-friendliness are paramount. That’s why our meticulously engineered automated ball washer and transport system exceeds these requirements and more.

Experience unparalleled efficiency as our advanced technology takes care of the entire process, from seamless collection to efficient washing and transportation.

Belrobotics BallPicker Robot

A Game Changer

Prepare to be amazed by the Belrobotics BallPicker Robot, a groundbreaking innovation that revolutionises the collection of range balls at driving ranges.

This advanced robot ensures precise and accurate collection of your range balls, eliminating the need for manual labour. It helps to standardise the workflow of our automated range ball management solution.


Efficient Workflow

For streamlined Collection, Washing, and Transportation of range balls.


Phase 1 – Drop pit

Once the robot ball picker is full, it returns to its charge station and drops the balls into the drop zone of the return system.

The drop zone hopper is manufactured from stainless steel to ensure durability for the long term.

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Phase 2 – Cleaning

The balls enter the transport pipe, which runs under negative pressure and water is introduced to clean the balls.

They are then drawn along the green pipe, through a brush wash unit, allowing clean balls to be delivered back to the ball dispenser.

Phase 3 – Return

Once all the balls reach the final receiver they are released and the balls are dropped into the ball dispenser.

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The AMS robotics control panel manages the return system, which is usually located alongside the ball dispenser inside the ball room.