Robotic golf course mowing

A ground breaking advancement in golf course maintenance.

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time for change

Every golf course manager knows how complicated it can be to manage manpower, maintenance and the ever rising costs involved. You have to meet the players’ needs without hindering them. Then you also have to consider the seasonality of club attendance. Automating the maintenance of your course will allow you to face these challenges more easily as well as saving time and effort.


cuts to the same height

Upto 50%


5 to 7

mows per week

1000+ Clubs

across the UK & EU


A robot mower can work 24 hours a day. So you can mow larger areas, faster. GPS RTK technology allows you to mow in precise strips and avoid going back over areas you have already mowed, saving energy and time. Strip mowing is possible even on golf courses with the most complex of shapes. The mowers are modern and lightweight, meaning no more buried or damaged balls. Mulching allows natural fertilisation to the soil, which will again save you the time you would otherwise have spent on fertilising the course. This also reduces your maintenance costs.

We have calculated cost savings of £150,000 - £250,000 in golf course mowing by switching to automation. 

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Robotic mowing for Fairways has become an extremely popular topic in recent months. The wireless robotic mowing technology offered to club owners offers an array of added benefits to optimise an already groundbreaking fairway mowing solution.

These include 

- Automatic cut height adjust: the robot will read the area it is in and change its cut height accordingly

- The ability to cut down to 15mm

- Direct navigation to different zones: the robot will drive to separate zones without mowing its pathway

- cut in the winter and wet months, lightweight nature causes less compaction which enables cutting all year