Robotic mowing for school grounds

Meet sustainability targets and reduce carbon footprint, all while your grounds look in top condition to impress your visitors.

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improved operation

Whether you’re a school, college or university in the education sector, improve your maintenance practices by using the Belrobotics robots to manage all types of school grounds

Cheaper to operate than traditional petrol ride-on mowers, the robot field mowers cut the grass in near silence without disturbing your students. They can also help you to meet your environmental and sustainability targets. Its fumeless operation also significantly reduces your CO2 emissions.

All whilst keeping your grounds looking in top condition to impress your visitors. Most importantly, it can free up your budget so you can spend on other areas.

75,000 m²

with BigMow GPS RTK

Upto 50%


No Wire

with GPS RTK & WiseNav

Perfect Cut

turf is lush and healthy


Designed for professional work

BigMow and ParcMow robot mowers have been specially developed for professional use.

With a capacity of up to 75,000m2 per robot, our robots are equipped to deal with all types of grounds schools may facilitate. The onboard GPS and reliable physical/ virtual boundary wire ensure the Belrobotics auto mowers stay in the working area and cover the entire lawn.


With the Belrobotics app, you can easily stay in control of your fleet of Belrobotics robot mowers for school grounds maintenance.

The app lets you monitor and control your mowers from anywhere. Use your smartphone, tablet or laptop to configure settings and receive alerts if anything should happen.

The web portal also offers GPS-based map localisation with a theft tracking function.


No noise, no fumes

Belrobotic mowers do their job quickly, quietly and efficiently. The noise level is so low you can operate the mower during the night.

Sharp, pivoting blades cut rather than tear the grass. Reducing both noise and energy consumption.

Furthermore, since Belrobotic mowers are electric, there are no direct emissions when in use. Allowing you to considerably reduce your overall environmental impact.