Exceptional performance, even under difficult conditions. The Belrobotics all-terrain robot mower is able to adapt to sites with interference signals or risky industrial environments.

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Robotic mowers for utility landscape maintenance

The utility sector needs a focused and efficient process for all aspects of its day-to-day running. AMS Robotics’ range of Belrobotic robotic mowers for utility landscape maintenance solves this need perfectly. A cost-saving solution with a quick return on investment.

It offers quality performance, even under difficult conditions. Our all-terrain auto mowers are capable of adapting to sites with interference signals as well as risky industrial green spaces.

75,000 m2

coverage possible

Upto 50%


No Wire

with GPS RTK & WiseNav


lower carbon footprint


Perfect for extreme green spaces

The robotic mowers help to keep the turf in good healthy condition, lower costs, auto recharge and offer endurance over large areas. They cut the grass without user input in the areas defined by a boundary wire. All without impacting your delivery of vital utilities.

The robotic mowers can cater for extreme green spaces such as:

  • Public drinking water reservoirs
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • High-voltage substations
  • Photovoltaic power stations (solar farms)

Benefits for the utility sector

The BigMow robotic mower can cover up to 24,000 sqm (75,000 sqm with GPS RTK models), with ParcMow offering coverage of up to 12,000 sqm (45,000 sqm with GPS RTK models).

Your facility can also benefit from wireless mowing, meaning no buried perimeter wire, thanks to WiseNav technology.

The electric robots do not pollute the soil with fuel, oil, etc. Their low-weight design also stops damage to pipes. This is especially beneficial to Pumping stations, drinking water storage reservoirs, and wastewater treatment plants.

Photovoltaic power stations (Solar Farms) can benefit from robotic mowers for utility landscape maintenance. Due to their ability to travel easily around and under the rows of solar panels. The Belrobotics mowers also help to preserve the panel’s service life. Unlike petrol mowers, they do not create debris that can dirty them causing damage.


Safety first

Not all green spaces work well with a human presence. Your utility site can make the most of turf mowing in auto mode with Belrobotic robotic mowers for utility landscape maintenance. They let you improve your work safety practices and risk prevention methods. Which in turn helps to create a work environment that’s safe for your staff.

Stay connected and secure

The easy-to-use Belrobotic app keeps you informed and linked to your robot mower via phone, tablet or laptop.

The sonars and sensors on Belrobotic mowers, help it to find obstacles and change its direction when needed. If the robot is lifted, the rotating blades stop instantly. Its security features also include anti-theft alerts. Along with built-in testers that warn the user of any faults. All of which make sure your robot tech and staff remain safe.


Do you outsource the maintenance of your green spaces?

Why not make the switch to robotic mowers for utility landscape maintenance

  • Reduce the total costs of turf care at your site, a great result for your budget.
  • You can lease or buy the auto mower. It requires very little supervision and cuts the grass 24/7 or any schedule you set.
  • You no longer need to wait for your turf care company to visit, your lawn mowing is automated.
  • You are no longer at the mercy of the weather because the robotic mower can operate in light rain.
  • The eco robot mowers provide you with a sustainable policy and help to reduce your green footprint.
  • No risk of damage to cables on the ground and no dust discharge.
  • Maintenance staff is reduced to what is strictly necessary.