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Belrobotics mowers will help you achieve a top-quality playing surface.

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Robotic mowers for football pitches

Sports fields, such as a football pitches, are often heavily used. The maintenance of the grass can often be difficult, fertilising, watering and other turf care needs make it time-consuming and expensive.

Belrobotics offers a possibility to cut costs while improving the overall turf quality. Not forgetting the players can always enjoy a nice, perfectly mowed pitch. The robot mowers mow rain or shine and are lightweight, therefore do not create compaction and leave no tracks.


cuts to the same height

Upto 50%


5 to 7

mows per week

1000+ Clubs

across the UK & EU


Frees up time for improvements

Belrobotics robotic mowers for football pitches run autonomously on your pitch. If something requires your attention, you’re immediately notified via the Belrobotics smartphone app.

The robotic lawn mower frees up manpower, giving you a great opportunity to take care of any imperfections and exposed worn areas. The end result is a pitch that provides the best possible conditions for players to enhance their skills and one you can really be proud of.

FA Grants Available

Here at AMS Robotics, we totally believe that solutions like robotic mowers for football pitches should be available to everyone, no matter the size of their club or field. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Football Foundation, which provides grants to businesses that take care of football fields and make the game even better for players from all walks of life.

Don’t let lousy turf ruin your game. The Football Foundation is the ultimate game-changer, ready to help teams and clubs all across the UK.


A new level of turf quality

Belrobotics robotic mowers for football pitches help to increase your pitch’s ability to cope with a busy match schedule and hours of intense training. Since the robotic mower cuts the grass every day, it reduces the overall impact on the grass.

The very small, quick-composting clippings give a stable source of fertilisation and moisture, creating greener and denser grass. Furthermore, research has shown frequent mowing allows grass roots to penetrate deeper into the soil, resulting in a healthier and more robust pitch.

Works to your schedule and your budget

Day or Night, Belrobotics large-scale mowers cut the grass to your schedule, so mowing no longer needs to interfere with the players’ training sessions. All while you spend your time on other important tasks you need to take care of.

Leaving the players to focus on their practice drills. The labour time savings along with the lower investment cost compared to a conventional mower, make Belrobotics a very sound investment.


No limits

For daily cutting on one pitch, we recommend the small but mighty TM-850. With a capacity of 16,000m2 your pitch will benefit from daily wireless mowing. Anything larger, check out ParcMow and Bigmow.

Your pitch can benefit from strip pattern mowing thanks to GPS RTK, along with wireless mowing when assisted by WiseNav technology.

Maintenance control at your fingertips

Belrobotics digital management tool comes in the form of a smartphone app and a web portal.

It allows you to manage all your Belrobotics robot mowers running on one or several football pitches. From anywhere at all times. Via a phone, tablet or laptop you’re able to see detailed statistics of each machine, change mowing schedules and cutting heights, get notifications – and much, much more.