Belrobotics auto mowers lets professional landscapers deliver a quality cut to their customers lawns, while saving time and money.

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Robotic mowers for landscapers

As a landscaper you may find despite lawn care being a time-consuming business, it is often hard to make a profit.

A simple way to combat this is to make the switch to our range of robotic mowers for landscapers.

Whether you have residential clients, commercial clients, or both. Belrobotic mowers help to increase productivity, free up working hours and deliver a perfect cut. All while reducing the impact on the environment.

75,000 m2

coverage possible

Upto 50%


3 to 5

mows per week

Quality Cut

to the same height


A solution that lets you save

Caring and looking after grass areas is a challenging activity, that needs a lot of time, labour and equipment.

Our range of robotic mowers for landscapers allows you to reduce your labour needs and lower your costs. Helping you to free up man hours for more qualified tasks, thus increasing profits.

Furthermore, the predictable nature of robotic field mowers means they are beneficial when planning high and low seasons.

Adhering to regulations

Sustainability often being a deciding factor during the tendering process. Professional landscapers need to take into account the limits that relate to pollution, noise and CO2 emissions.

By including our robot mowers as part of your turf care equipment allows you to meet energy-saving targets and position yourself well for future business.


Stay connected to your mower

Keep up to date and manage your robot mowers from anywhere with the Belrobotics App.

Use a phone, tablet or laptop and you will able to get access to a map view of your mowers, various detailed statistics along with notifications and alerts.