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Optimise your workflow and enjoy the high efficiency, flexiblity and cost savings the SWOZI GPS sports line marking solution can bring you!

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Swozi Cart Pro: The ultimate GPS line markers for sports fields

SWOZI Cart Pro are versatile and adaptable line marking equipment for sports fields. The innovative spray line marking machines offer multiple positioning technologies such as GPS and laser technology.

It offers easy intuitive operation via the SWOZI paint app, and ensures line marking that is fast, easy and accurate.


Simple | Fast | Precise

Line marking without strings and measuring tape!

When it comes to sports, accuracy is everything. Whether it’s soccer, football, rugby, or any other sport, the lines on the field are like the game’s rulebook. They keep things fair and safe for athletes.

The Swozi GPS line markers are high-tech solutions changing the way we mark sports fields. They bring precision, efficiency, and eco-friendliness to the field.

The SWOZI Solution – 3 Different Models


SWOZI Cart Pro – Push

This base model is the most versatile cart and offers very good value for money. It has big wheels that make it easy to push. A proven solution which allows you to mark a sports field in a few minutes.


SWOZI Cart Pro – Auto

The SWOZI auto makes line marking convenient, with minimal supervision required. It has a 7km/h speed, marking sports fields with 100% accuracy thanks to GPS technology.


SWOZI Cart Pro – Ride On

The Swozi ride-on is an efficient solution for sports facilities with many sports fields or for contractors. The ride-on unit can easily attached to the SWOZI within seconds.


The Swozi Cart Pro is an intelligent GPS line marker suitable for all sports

The SWOZI Cart Pro is a flexible and easily adaptable field painter. It’s suitable for professional line marking of the most common sports surfaces. Surfaces such as Natural grass, Artificial turf, Hybrid turf and Hard surfaces (pre-marking).

The ideal GPS sports field line marking for Sports fields, Stadiums, Running tracks, Parks and Leisure areas.

Built to perfection with a selectable positioning technology

The Swozi Cart Pro boasts impeccable build quality, placing the user at the centre of its design. Its lightweight robust design promotes simple usability. It has multiple positioning technology options, for increased efficiency. Therefore you can select your ideal Swozi precision signal source for your circumstances.


GPS line markers are changing the game in sports field management

As sports keep evolving and needing higher standards. Smart tools such as robotic mowers to Swozi GPS Line Markers are becoming essential for field managers and groundskeepers everywhere.

With the power of satellite technology, they’re reshaping the sports world. Making sure athletes compete on fields that are nothing less than perfect. In a world where precision matters, Swozi GPS line markers are the unsung heroes of sports field management. They ensure every game starts on the right line.

Solutions tailored to your needs

The developers at Swozi understand that every sports facility is unique. Therefore their pitch line marking solutions cater for a variety of challenges your sports field may face. Whether you have a football pitch, athletic field or just general sports grounds. The Swozi field painter will mark it perfectly and efficiently, ensuring the line marker and your groundsman work as a team.