GPS Line Marking – Applications & Surfaces

In today’s modern world, technological advancements have revolutionized various industries, and one such innovation is GPS line marking. This cutting-edge technology has gained popularity due to its precision and efficiency in marking lines across different applications and surfaces. In this article, we will explore the diverse range of applications and surfaces where GPS line markers are used and how they optimize line marking processes.

Swozi Cart Pro – The best GPS line marking solution for your sports fields

We understand that every sports field surface has its own specification and requirements.

SWOZI manages to address the needs of the most common surfaces with one system, the SWOZI cart pro.

The rugged but lightweight cart has unique features is highly versatile, and uses satellite-supported technology for 100% accuracy.

The ability to use any liquid paint with the SWOZI system gives operators freedom of choice and maximum flexibility on different surfaces.

Swozi Cart Pro users include

  • Rugby clubs
  • Football clubs
  • Major clubs
  • Sports clubs
  • Stadiums
  • Universities/Schools
  • Service providers
  • Maintenance

SWOZI GPS Line Marking Solution is suitable for:

Natural grass

All SWOZI cart pro variants work smoothly and without restrictions on natural grass sports fields. Depending on your needs and local conditions, you can utilise GPS technology or a laser tracker to reach your desired result.

Hybrid turf

The SWOZI system complements the performance and maintenance of hybrid grass. We recommend the SWOZI Cart Pro – Push model with GPS or  laser-tracker  if it is in a stadium and mm precision is required.

Synthetic turf

The SWOZI line marking system is tailored to suit a wide range of artificial turfs. Paint application with long-lasting results is best achieved with the SWOZI Cart Pro – Push, combined with a  laser-tracker.

Hard surface

Hard surfaces like running tracks can be pre-marked with a single person in less than 4 hours. Save time and money with a SWOZI Cart Pro – Push in combination with a long-range laser-tracker, while meeting international athletics sporting code.

The SWOZI system enables you to mark all types and sizes of sports fields.

Since the SWOZI GPS Line Marking system was first introduced in 2013, it has been used on thousands of pitches and other outdoor playing grounds for virtually all types of sports.

Swozi has spent years refining its hardware to provide extreme durability and to develop intuitive, user-friendly software.

The result is a versatile system which serves the operator’s needs while meeting the requirements of the most common sports and recreational facilities.


Swozi line-marking solutions can be customized to meet your individual needs:


Swozi field line marking machines were developed together with their customers, to ensure they are the perfect match every step of the way.

  • Switching to manual operation is possible at any time if the GPS signal is lost.
  • The marking cart can be pushed comfortably to any location.
  • A laser tracker can be an option for a covered area without GPS reception.
  • The SWOZI cart pro has storage space for two paint tanks, so several squares can be marked in one operation.
  • The SWOZI cart pro comes with a replaceable spare battery, so there is no need to recharge in between.
  • The SWOZI cart pro can be stored in a space-saving manner so that even clubs with little storage space do not have a problem.

Conclusion: The Versatility of GPS Line Markers

By embracing this technology, industries can streamline their processes, save time and resources, and create visually appealing spaces. As GPS line marking continues to evolve, we can expect further advancements in accuracy, automation, and integration with other technologies, leading to even more efficient and precise line marking solutions.

So, whether you are involved in sports, construction, transportation, or any other field that requires precise line markings. GPS line markers are a game-changer, so get in touch today to speak to an expert to begin enhancing your operations and productivity.