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Available Models

BallPicker Connected

  • Navigates using with a physical boundary
  • Collects range balls in a random pattern
  • Multi Zoning for ball collection in high-density areas

BallPicker GPS RTK

  • Navigates using GPS RTK technology
  • Wireless operation
  • Faster collection times
  • Advanced zoning features such as no-go area creation


Coverage Area

75 min

Charge Time

3.6 km/h


300 balls

per cycle

Belrobotics BallPicker Robot

Wire Free Ball Collection with WiseNav

Belrobotics GPS RTK technology now features WiseNav (Wireless Satellite Exact Navigation), which allows the ball picker robot to collect range balls without the need for a perimeter wire.

Do more with GPS RTK

Belrobotics innovative GPS-RTK technology enhances the performance of the automated ball picker. For the user, this translates to faster collection times, as the robot navigates with increased accuracy.

Features of the Robotic Ball Picker

Belrobotics BallPicker - Range Ball Collector Robot

Electromagnetic guidance system, allowing you to set the boundaries of your desired mowing area and leave your robot to do its job.

Remote updates mean that your automated solutions will never become outdated or get left behind as new models are released.

Retractable blades which retract when an obstacle is identified – ensuring no undue damage to plants, flower beds and trees.

A homing beacon which sees your equipment return to its charging station when the task is complete.

A technological gem

The Belrobotics BallPicker Robot automates the collecting of range balls at driving ranges.

Staff can stop wasting their energy on this ongoing chore, and the time they saved can be spent on more useful and rewarding activities. Ball collector protects staff from injury.

Driving range opening hours can be extended as the automated ball picker operates non-stop, all without being damaged by or interfering with your golfers.


Smart collection

The robot ball collector has in-built programming that activates 5 rollers or 4 discs, for quiet and systematic collection.

Obstacle detectors

This feature ensures there is absolute safety. The obstacle detectors send signals to change the direction of the ball collector or to stop it if necessary.


Constant ball supply

Belrobotics BallPicker offers range operators a continued supply of range balls.

On very busy days, if the robotic ball collector cannot pick up the balls as quickly as they are played, it catches up during the night or on a calmer day. We always recommend increasing the number of balls in your system to ensure smooth operation.

Finds the shortest route

GPS determines the shortest route back to the ball pit/charging station.

This offers productivity gains for managers.

The more ball picking required, the better. The automated golf ball picker works best when there is a large number of balls on the driving range.



The BallPicker robot has a 300 ball tank.

Once the ball tank is full, it returns to base to unload its balls and charge its batteries.

In just a few seconds, the balls are emptied into the ball pit.

They are then washed and transported to ball dispenser via the AMS Ball Wash & Transport System

Multizone programming

The automated ball picker has multizone programming. Therefore at peak times, it can concentrate solely on the area where most balls land.

For instance, the high concentration of balls improves BallPicker’s effectiveness. As well as allow it to pick up a large number of balls quickly and supply enough balls to the golfers.

Similarly, the ball collector picks up balls outside this high-density area at night or on quieter days.

Therefore the driving range manager can adapt the operating modes to the number of golfers. Moreover, the ball picker robot can be controlled remotely by the Belrobotics App.


Connected Line App & Web Portal

Your robot ball collector works autonomously, which is due to carefully worked out programming.

To make your life even easier, the BallPicker is connected to a web portal, for monitoring. This is particularly useful for driving ranges that have several ball pickers in operation.

Furthermore, you can also manage your fleet of robot mowers entirely from your tablet or your smartphone.

Many Benefits


Good for nature

Powered by electricity the ball collector robot emits no exhaust fumes or smells. Overall its yearly power usage is similar to that of a refrigerator.

In addition, its CO2 emissions are 10 x less when compared to petrol-powered collectors.



Traditional ball collecting machines create significant noise pollution, unlike BallPicker which is almost silent.

Inaudible from just a few metres away, it works 24/7 without disturbing golfers or local residents.


Protects range balls

The robot ball collector doesn’t embed the balls into the ground, so they remain easily retrievable. This saves the club thousands of balls per year.