GPS RTK: Robotic Mowing in straight lines

Do you manage a sports facility or club? Are you wondering if you can benefit from robotic mowing in straight lines? Belrobotics GPS RTK assisted automated mowers, deliver the perfect lush, straight even cut finish for those responsible for large green spaces at residential properties, business premises or public bodies.

GPS RT - Strip pattern mowing

GPS RTK: Systematic Robot Mowers

Our range of Belrobotics systematic robot mowers powered by GPS RTK, features all the great benefits of the Connected Line. With the added benefit of increased mowing capacity, faster mowing times and more precise cut.

GPS intelligent navigation for robotic mowers

Discover Belrobotics new generation of robotic mowers guided by GPS – RTK (real-time kinematic). Your green space can benefit from pattern mowing that will complement the aims and image of your facility.

Would you like to know more about Belrobotics design development? Don’t wait any longer to discover this technology that has enhanced the performance of Belrobotics robots even more.

Belrobotics GPS RTK for football pitches

Enhanced Performace

The new GPS RTK technology allows for faster mowing of your fields. The robot’s intelligent navigation avoids overlapping trajectories, so you can count on a threefold increase in capacity. Resulting in larger areas cut in less time, along with less wear and tear on the components. In short: you will save an impressive amount of time, optimise your maintenance teams and your user experience will reach a higher level.

Increased capacity and an impressive cut

Belrbotics connected mowers line fitted with the GPS RTK technology will see their mowing compacity increased. For example, a Parcmow GPS is capable of cutting what a standard BigMow can maintain. So, the same model is capable of cutting much more without having to return to its recharging base.

The new strip-mowing mode also provides an even more impressive, high-quality finish. Resulting in a perfectly symmetric and parallel strip without the use of a cylindrical mower.

GPS RTK robot pattern mowing for pitches

You’re still in charge

Need the ability to configure, control or track your mower? Like the Belrobotic Connected Line models, all professional robotic mowers equipped with GPS RTK technology also benefit from the Belrobotics app and portal.

You can configure the mower remotely, according to your needs: cutting height, mowing times, working areas, GPS return points, etc., and of course, the fleet management system feature, to view the performance of your fleet, identify your robots’ positions in real-time, and view any alarms.

Improved Accuracy

The Belrobotics robot continually calculates its exact position to within 2 – 3cm. Thanks to its fixed link to a GPS – RTK receiver (placed on your property). The receiver communicates with satellites from four constellations to guide the robot’s trajectory (and apply corrections).  This ultra-precise localisation means you can mow a systematic pattern on a larger surface in minute detail.

GPS RTK Robotic Mowing - How it works