Switch to Belrobotic robot mowers for your airport safety areas, a wildlife deterrent that scares birds and mammals away. It reduces the presence of vehicles and staff in safety areas and eliminates local greenhouse gas emissions.

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Fly high with your turf care

Transform your turf care with robotic mowers for airport and airfield mowing. We understand that within the broad spectrum of activities that can be described as ground care services, airfield maintenance must rank amongst the more demanding tasks for maintenance staff.

The scrutiny of staff records to ensure adequate airside security, along with restrictive working hours. Not forgetting the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) rules that determine the precise cutting height of the grass. Highlight just some of the hurdles faced by airfield grounds care staff.

75,000 m2

coverage possible

Upto 50%


No Wire

with GPS RTK & WiseNav

Perfect Cut

turf is lush and healthy


Finding the right cut

Grass height management is an important tool in forming a wildlife hazard prevention strategy at airports. Different grass heights, mowing regimes, and grass species composition can attract varied groups of species representing different levels of risk for this kind of environment.

Our Belrobotics range of robotic mowers for airport and airfield mowing has an adjustable cutting height of between 20 – 100mm, so can be used on grass landing strips, glide paths and areas around visual aids. The robot mowers create a denser sward and reduce weed growth.

Wildlife Deterrent

The frequent mowing provided by the large-scale robot mowers acts as a wildlife deterrent. Due to the mowers keeping the surrounding fields’ grass short, the birds are denied breeding grounds or places to feed.


Flexible cutting schedule

The robotic mowers have the advantage that they can run continuously even with planes taking off or landing.

This along with low sound levels means they can mow day and night. Allowing for complete flexibility in your mowing schedule.

Compliments your safety procedures

The Belrbotics range of robotic mowers for airport and airfield mowing helps reduce the number of staff required out on the outfield. The field mowers’ tiny clippings are ½ inch, which is well within the recommended 2-inch limit set in the FAA safety guidelines for planes taking off.