Belrobotics robotic mowers are the answer to your lawn care needs, offering full management of lawns that are 6,000㎡ or larger.

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Robotic mowers for large lawn gardens

Cutting the grass of large residential gardens can be a tiresome and boring process. Fortunately, the ParcMow and BigMow robot mowers can alleviate the chore of mowing by simply doing it for you. The Belrobotics commercial robotic mowers are capable of maintaining areas of up to 75,000 m².

The GPS RTK models also have the bonus feature of being able to run using 4G signal, without a boundary wire.

75,000 m2

coverage possible

Upto 50%


3 to 5

mows per week

Quality Cut

to the same height


Works to your Schedule

Are you spending too much time mowing? The ParcMow and BigMow mowers, automatically monitor the maintenance of your green spaces, without any human intervention.

Mowing day and night, guaranteeing a constantly high-quality result. Leaving you to enjoy your corner of paradise, while your robot mower works without any disruptive noise.

Cost savings

What would you say to energy costs of up to 8 x lower than that of a traditional diesel ride-on mower?

For instance, Parcmow has an average annual consumption of 580 kWh, which equates to as little as £90 (approx) per year. Furthermore, the limited need for chemical fertiliser and less watering means even more savings.

AMS Robotics’ range of robot mowers gives you control of your cutting schedule, management from a distance, a quality cut and cost savings.


100% Ecological

Belrobotic robot mowers let you reduce your carbon footprint and offer fume-less operation.

The lawn clippings produced by mulching will fertilise the soil in a 100% natural way.

Belrobotics robot technology easily adapts to many needs and surroundings. Your turf will be in top condition.

Safety First

The BigMow and ParcMow mowers come with sensors that allow them to detect obstacles and adjust their course.

Additionally, if the robot mower is lifted, the rotation of the blades stops immediately. An Anti-theft alert system will notify you if the mower is removed or tampered with.

Rest assured the protection of your robot technology, children and pets are paramount.


Mowing on autopilot for hassle free lawn care

Find it's way home

Finds its way home

The Connected Line models use a physical boundary wire to navigate, while the GPS RTK armed with WIseNav technology uses a virtual boundary, meaning wireless mowing around your garden/outfield.


No clippings to collect

No clippings to collect

Unlike traditional lawn mowers, Belrobotic robot mowers, leave tiny clippings you won’t notice, so there is no need to collect them. By leaving them you naturally fertilise your turf.


Recharges itself

Recharges itself

Belrobotic automowers are battery-driven and come with a charging station, connected to your electrical garden/outfield outlet. When it is done mowing it automatically returns to the recharging station.


Complex green spaces

Complex green spaces

The robot mowers can handle large and complex green spaces with many various obstacles. It has no problems mowing lawns with inclines of up to 45% (24°).