Belrobotics robot mowers will deliver the perfect cut for your green space, while you concentrate on more important tasks.

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Commercial robotic mowers for facility maintenance

As a facility manager, scheduling or organising time consuming and expensive lawn care can become a juggling act among your responsibilities.

By choosing to invest in a robotic mower for facility maintenance, you can confidently focus on other more important areas. Leaving lawn mowing to your new, smart and unobtrusive robot technology.



75,000 m2

coverage possible

Upto 50%


No Wire

with GPS RTK & WiseNav


lower carbon footprint


When the lawn looks good, you look good

Whether you manage the lawns for a hotel, office building or a residential estate. A well-cared-for lawn not only gives a first-class impression but also a lasting one.

Belrobotics large format robot mowers cut the grass and keep the turf in good trim condition with little user input.

Creating healthy green spaces that are sure to impress customers, guests and residents.

Focus on other tasks

Make the switch to robotic mowers for facility maintenance and free yourself from lawn mowing chores.

Save valuable time that can be given to other aspects of caring for the facility’s borders and green spaces.

The robotic mower can work day and night and does not cause any noise pollution or any other nuisance. It also reduces your carbon footprint.


Stay connected with proven security

Belrobotics automowers is the best robot mower equipped with an intuitive interface, anti-theft and fault alerts. Along with many onboard safety features, GPS guidance and an accident prevention system.

It’s easy-to-use design means you are not confused by manual controls. The Belrobotics app keeps you updated and helps you stay connected to your robot mower via phone, tablet or laptop.

Eco lawn mower

Is sustainability part of your company’s DNA? The BigMow robot mower can mulch up to 75.000 m² in a very short time period. The tiny clippings from mulching will feed the soil in a 100% natural way.

The robotic mowers for facility maintenance offered by AMS Robotics allow you to lower the cost of caring for the green spaces around your buildings.

Moreover, it provides you with a sustainable policy and reduces your ecological footprint.


Cost Saving

Cut your costs and increase your profits. Our range of robotic mowers for facility maintenance costs less to buy than a traditional ride-on mower.


Quiet, Eco-friendly & Energy Saving

The energy cost is 3 x less than petrol-powered equipment. Works quietly with a noise level as low as 55 dB. BigMow, in particular, has an average yearly energy use of 830 kWh.


Save Time

No cuttings to pick up, remove, or process. Greatly reduced labour costs. Staff are freed from mowing chores and can spend time on other activities. Reducing costs linked to scarification, coring, watering, chemical fertilisers, weed treatment, etc


Remote Control

Belrobotic mowers can be remotely controlled by the app via tablets and smartphones. It also has an anti-theft solution and provides geofencing alerts.


Spend less of your budget on lawn care

Reduce the overall costs of caring for your company borders and green spaces.

Lease or buy Belrobotic robot mowers. It requires very little supervision and cuts the grass 24/7 or to a time slot you decide.

You are no longer at the mercy of the weather because the robotic mower will even operate in the rain. This is a cost-effective purchase, with a very fast return on the money spent. Furthermore, it delivers the perfect cut with hardly any input.

Do you use a company to care for your green spaces? Ask your gardening contractors to consider AMS’ robotic mowing solution

By leasing or buying our range of robotic mowers for facility maintenance, they could reduce their costs and possibly also your bill. It’s a win-win situation.