What are the safety and environmental benefits of Belrobotics mowers

So you have a large green space of over 5000m2, but want to know “What are the safety and environmental benefits of Belrobotics mowers?“. This article explains some of the advantages Belrobotic robot mowers provide to the chores of turf care maintenance.

Stay safe, save energy, and protect your turf health

A beautifully manicured lawn area projects an image of continuous care and high quality to your visitors. As modern technology advances and lawn care automation evolves, Belrobotics robot lawn mowers come with many benefits for homeowners and greenspace professionals alike, freeing up time and reducing the effort needed for a show-home-ready lawn all year round.

Healthier Turf – Free up your resources

Belrobotics mowers ensure immaculate grass-cutting, that is both economically and environmentally friendly. It also significantly reduces standard turf treatments, allowing for great financial savings.

Soil damage

The Belrobotic robots are much lighter than petrol-powered equipment such as ride-on mowers and golf cart haulers and do not damage the lawn, even when wet.

Grass Collection


No waste to pick up, transport, or process.


The mower does not compact the soil, so coring is not necessary.



Scarification is not normally necessary.

Reduced Ecological Footprint – Protects the environment

Reduced CO2 Emissions

Reduced Emissions

10 x less CO2 emissions in comparison to traditional combustion engine tools. The robots emit no gases or odours and are made from mainly recyclable components.

Belrobotics robots use 3 X less energy

3 x Less Energy

The robots do not depend on fossil fuels and are powered by electricity. Which can be produced by a renewable energy source such as solar panels.

Environmentally Friendly

No soil contamination via oil and fuel. A lightweight structure avoids compacting the soil and reduces soil remediation.

Quieter than traditional drving range equipment

Silent Operation

The robots are inaudible from just a few metres away. Meaning they are able to work 24/7.

Total Safety – Personnel and robot protection

GPS -Anti-theft alarm and disabler

Anti-theft Alarm & Disabler

The robots are equipped with an exclusive Track & Trace system which immediately alerts both the AMS control centre and the owner via the smartphone app, of any malfunction or attempted theft.

Guidance System

Guidance System

Uses an exclusive and advanced guidance signal filter technology. This prevents the risk of the robots losing their bearings due to electrical interference (mobile phone signals, buried or airborne power lines, magnetic fields etc).

Multiple Security Features

Multiple Security Features

Robots are fitted with integrated sonar and sensors which detect obstacles and enable automatic adjustments to be made: speed reduction, change of route, etc. If robots are lifted, a sensor immediately stops movement. preventing accidental injury.

Safety First

Accident Prevention

Global statistics show that robots cause 100 x fewer bodily injuries than conventional engine equipment. The robots are fully equipped with a range of safety features – play a very important role in accident prevention

Why you need a Belrobotics mower in your life

In short, the robot mowers use battery power to navigate around your lawn, trimming it to perfection, there’s no oil, no petrol and no direct emissions involved. Their razor-sharp blades cleanly trim grass, mulching it back into the ground, minimising the need for fertilisers and chemicals. Therefore the more it mows, the more your lawn is naturally fed.

Not only is it eco-friendly because it produces zero direct emissions, Belrobotic mowers are whisper-quiet. With a noise level of approx 52db, it won’t disturb your neighbours, whether it’s running day or night. It includes features such as locate/start/stop remote control from the App and Web Portal, along with various inbuilt safety options. Ensuring you have total control over your entire mowing experience, meaning it’s quieter, cleaner and more efficient than manual lawn mowing.

Robot lawn mowers are a great addition to your lawn care equipment, they free up hours of time spent mowing your green space. We know every lawn is different, which is why Belrobotics mowers are specifically designed to cover large grounds over 5000m2, complex lawns and unique spaces get full coverage, giving you more time to focus on other important tasks.

Why not get in touch to learn more about how Belrobotics ecological groundbreaking solution can benefit your large lawn space.