What is Mulching? How Does it Work? What are the Benefits?

There are a lot of misconceptions about what mulching is, how it works and what benefits they can provide grass.

Grass Mulching

What is mulching?

Mulching is a mowing technique that cuts the grass by finely chopping it and letting the small particles stay on the grass as apposed to being collected in a reservoir as seen on traditional mowers.  The mulching is carried out with special blades and an ejection shutter, which is available on certain mowers. In essence the word “mulching” refers to the action of covering the ground with organic matter. so in this case grass would be the organic matter.

What are the benefits of mulching?

Mulching can be beneficial because:

  • A collection container is no longer required, therefore roughly 30% time is saved during mowing!
  • It can fertilise the lawn naturally: the grass mulch produced acts as a natural fertiliser
  • The grass mulch can retain the soil’s moisture in the summer, providing the lawn with protection from drying out

Conclusion:  A closely mowed lawn that is always lush, and gets more beautiful every day. Sound great doesn’t it? However in practice, it doesn’t quite work that way for some users.

The pitfalls of mulching

Users of mulching kits or mulching mowers, need to bare in mind certain prerequisites and pitfalls when choosing mulching for their lawn. No doing so can leave users dishearten and skeptical about the benefits of mulching.  Things to consider when choosing mulching:

  • In order for mulching to be effective, it needs to carried out 2 to 3 mows a week! This is because the mulch fertilises the soil and so the grass not only grows thicker, but also faster!
  • The mower producing constant grass jams due to not mowing regularly, mulching should not be done on tall grass
  • The lack of frequent mulching can over time produce felt, leaving the grass to feel ‘spongy’ underfoot
  • The constant ejection of grass can be unpleasant for the individual mowing the grass, meaning the lack desire to carry it out as often as required.

Conclusion: In order to reap the benefits of mulching, frequency is key. This is not always possible with a hectic schedule or busy driving range.

Ideal, effortless mulching?

What is the solution? The BigMow robot mower. This automated solution can provide your facility with a lush green lawn with less effort than traditional mowers.  It will perform a frequent mulching schedule that is nurtures the health of the outfield. So it is nourished and requires less to almost no chemical maintenance! So why not work around the demands of mulching whilst still enjoying its benefits by choosing  the BigMow robotic mower.

  • Real mulching that is fully automated by the robot
  • You get all the advantages mulching without the drawbacks

As for felt production, this is reduced when mowing is performed regularly, i.e. in accordance with the described theory above.

Hopefully the above information has given you a better understanding of mulching, how it works and the benfits it provides. For more informtaion about our automated robotic lawn mower? Check out BigMow Robot Mower, The Master Of Grass!