Horne Park Golf Centre

Horne Park Golf Centre’s outfield has improved dramatically due to the installation of robots at the end of 2014.  The range boasts 12 open and 8 covered bays. Along with a dedicated chipping green. A 400 sq yd practice putting green. High-quality durability performance Srixon range balls are stocked at the facility.


Horn Park Golf Centre - Before Robots

Automated outfield robots have positively contributed to creating a greener lusher outfield.  BigMow robot cuts the grass 2 to 3 times a week at the facility. Its unique mulching technique means the grass cuttings decompose within 72 hours. A natural fertilisation process is created. They are reducing the need for chemicals.


Horne Park - 1 year after using robot mowers and a robotic ball collectors

Neil Burke Owner of Horne Park states:

“TrueBot outfield robots are a truly unique concept, that attempt to address this issue with Range Ball Plan. Making the robots a welcomed addition to the facility. It’s been about year since installation and overall I’d say the last year has been a somewhat mixed. The health of the outfield has improved and the when the balls are being collected its been tremendous.”

Traditional ball collectors tend to bury and plug balls. They are creating an added cost to facilities. The robots protect golf balls during ball collection and grass mowing. Golf facilities no longer need to close to collect balls. Ball Picker collects continuously and silently. Golfers’ practice at the range is not disturbed.

Robot technology provides driving ranges with efficiency. Costs associated with outfield maintenance are substantially reduced.