Robotics, the future of pitch care mowing

Will the future of pitch care mowing still require someone to walk behind or sit on a machine? Perhaps not. AMS (Automated Management Services) firmly believes automation is key to bringing productivity and sustainability to pitch care.

BigMow at RKC Waalwijk Football Club in the Netherlands

AMS distribute the BigMow robotic mower as part of their automated maintenance service, catering for not just football pitches but other turf based sport fields, cricket grounds, golf facilities and parks. The mower is capable of covering up to 2.5 hectares working within the parameters of an underground wire boundary.

The perfect cut

Equipped with 15 blades it gives grass a manicured style cut. that allows the finely trimmed stalks to quickly decompose and fertilise the soil in a 100% ecological way. BigMow is lightweight and imposes no stress to the grass. Its regular mowing frequency (approx. 5 to 7 times a week). It also helps reduce the development of weeds, moss and the need for chemical fertilisers. Low noise levels allow for extended mowing hours and zero emissions due to battery operation and less reliance on petrol products.

Strong grass roots

The grass has better soil anchoring, due to strengthen sowing ability. Creating a denser sward, thats better resistant to wear and tear. Frequently used areas, such as goalmouths experience progressive, natural and abundant grass growth, making them more shear resistant. Over a period of time the quality of the pitch becomes softer and more consistent, allowing for improved ball trajectory, shot accuracy and playing experience.

Cost effective

Football clubs with limited resources, robotic mowing is still a viable option. With the help of the FA’s Pitch Improvement Programme (PIP), grassroots football clubs can reduce the overall cost even further. Offered in partnership with the FA facilities & investment team alongside the Institute of Groundsmanship (IOG) with the simple aim of improving the quality of grass pitches.

“We understand the importance of groundskeepers and the overall level of resources open to them can impact the appearance and performance of the pitch. Our automated maintenance solution can help groundskeepers kick start a sustainable healthy pitch care programme. Costing less than traditional mowing methods, it can offer potential pitch maintenance savings of up to 50% and increased productivity by allowing the groundskeeper to focus on other duties.” Philip Sear, Managing Director of AMS

BigMow can be found at 38+ golf clubs across the UK along with 800+ football clubs in Europe such as Ajax Amsterdam, PSV Eindhoven and RKC Waalwijk. Evidence of is its continued recognition as an eco-friendly, reliable and affordable solution for sports fields/pitches. The future of pitch care mowing, will involve automated mowing.