Are robot mowers safe?

What makes robot mowers safe? Worried about buying a robotic mower or automower? How do they react to the presence of a human or animal? Will an obstacle damage the blades?

Intuitive design, making Belrobotics robot mowers safe


The robots sonar system allows it to detect the presence of people or animals and objects in its path (as long as the obstacle is at least 50 cm high with a diameter of at least 10 cm). The warning issued by the sonar causes the robot to slow down immediately.

Reversing detectors

As soon as the robot first encounters the obstacle, the robot mower slows down then stops and changes direction. The pressure-sensitive bumper is very responsive, even in the case of a very slight contact and without human involvement.

Lift detectors

When the robot is lifted, the lift detectors trip automatically and the cutting heads stop rotating. If the action is caused by human intervention, the mower stops immediately; if an obstacle is the reason, the robot manoeuvres itself so as to be able to continue mowing.

Retractable blades fitted to Belrobotics robots


Safety is very much central to the design of Belrobotics robot mowers. The special patented cutting blades retract automatically when they come into contact with an object. With protection and safety are fully optimized, this means accidents are reduced and the robot’s blades remain intact while still guaranteeing an impeccable cut. Please note that the number and seriousness of accidents are much less that those caused by conventional tractor mowers.

What precautions should be taken?

It is strongly recommended to clear the grass of any objects (like toys or bulky tree branches) and not leave children or animals unattended while the robot is in operation. Children and persons with impaired physical, sensorial, or mental abilities are forbidden to handle the robot or charging station. We advise all users must have familiarized themselves with the process for using the robot.