BigMow Classic continues to delight Fernie Fields FC

Fernie Fields, home to Sileby Rangers Football Club was one of our first football Fernie Fields have an original BigMow Classic installed, capable of cutting up to 24,000m2 of turf, three to five times each week.

The BigMow Classic has kept their pitch game ready, whatever the weather, for several years. At the beginning of the installation, steve commented:

“We have been delighted with the robot since installation. Throughout the seasons it has performed beyond our expectation as a replacement for a traditional man and machine. The support from AMS has been brilliant.

We recently visited Steve Tebbut, owner of the club. He explained to us that the trustees of the club since 1986 met and whilst taking a coffee break the question of what they thought their best investment had been in the last 36 years was, and they all agreed BigMow.

Fernie Fields FC Classic BigMow Robotic Mower

Football pitches are often heavily used and the maintenance of fertilising, watering and cutting can be costly and time-consuming, never mind the difficulties of weather delays and in some cases having to rely on volunteers.  The Belrobotics products offer the possibility to improve the turf, never miss a cut and in most cases, save the club money. Players and spectators can enjoy a perfectly mowed pitch each day, helping them get the most out of their game.

AMS Robotics, official UK distribution of the belrobotics products offer trials to sports pitches for a period of time. The cost of installation will need to be covered, however if you are not satisfied with the robot (you will be!)

If your facility would like a trial, get in touch by calling 01462 676 222 or send us a message