AMS Robotics GPS RTK Robot Mower install

Earlier this month the team at AMS Robotics ventured up to Hereford to install their first GPS RTK robot mower version of the Belrobotics Parcmow. The ParcMow connected is the original version of the ParcMow RTK, with their main differences being the area they can manage and the accuracy of cut.

ParcMow Connected will manage an area of up to 12,000m2 three to five times per week on a random mow. ParcMow GPS RTK will cut any one area up to 45,000m2 five to seven times a week because of the new pattern mode, allowing the robot to cut more efficiently. With a two-centimetre mowing accuracy, the GPS model will cut continuously in any direction you set It in.

ParcMow RTK is ideal for those who want their turf areas improved by frequent weekly cutting. For sports venues that are used most days, it can be set to work at night, then once you return in the morning you will have a freshly cut area ready to be played on.

The RTK upgrade will allow you to programme the robot to work in lines which creates a striping effect on the chosen area, giving a professional finish. The new RTK update has been described as allowing the already brilliant technology to go that extra mile.