Golf Kingdom install AMS maintenance system

AMS Robotics has recently installed two BigMow’s, two BallPickers and the Ball Wash and Return System in driving range at Golf Kingdom based in Essex.

Initial training was provided by the AMS team, the enthusiasm and dedication from staff, as they became more familiar with what would be needed from them, ensured the full benefits of the system was acheived.

To start off with the robots had only been set to cut the grass and collect the range balls on the bottom half of the range. The first picture below shows the difference after only one weekend between the area the robots have been working on compared to the area they hadn’t.

Golf Kingdom
Golf Kingom – Contrast of the grass being cut by robots

Over time the grass will become healthier as small grass clippings fertilise the ground, reducing the overall need for chemical fertilisers. Soil compaction is eliminated, due to the lightweight robots allowing for stronger grass thanks to better root growth.

To ensure the efficiency of the robots drone footage was taken to help see the number of balls on the range and how the BallPicker’s collection should be scheduled.

BallPicker arriving at the ball pit to drop of the range balls

The Ball Picker is equipped with a 300-ball container. When the container is full, the Ball Picker returns to base to unload its balls and in a few seconds, the balls are emptied into the retrieval channel and can then be routed to a cleaner and a ball dispenser. Check our Golf Kingdom video below for a demonstration on how the ball management system works.

Overall, all staff at Golf Kingdom praised the robots and emphasised how helpful it has been not having to go and manually collect the balls and cut the grass. It has given them time to focus on other aspects of getting the range ready for its customers.

“The system has also been a great talking point between visitors as they watch them work, they have been a great addition to the range.”

– Staff Member Golf Kingdom