Advantages of Automated Range Ball Management

What are the advantages of automated range ball management? How can my driving range benefit from robot technology? In this article, we will explore the advantages of automated range ball management and how it has transformed golf practice for players and facility operators.

Advancing the Game: All-in-one Automated Outfield Maintenance

The sport of golf has long embraced technological advancements to enhance the game and provide a better experience for players of all skill levels. One such innovation that has revolutionized golf practice facilities is automated range ball management. By integrating state-of-the-art technology and robotics, automated range ball management systems have streamlined the process of retrieving, cleaning, and distributing practice balls. At AMS Robotics we have incorporated robotics mowing into our ball management solution, so your golf facility has an all-in-one outfield maintenance solution.

6 Advantages of automated range ball management

1. Tasks Automated

Tasks are Automated

One of the primary advantages of automated range ball management is the significant increase in efficiency and time savings for both players and facility operators. Traditional methods of collecting and distributing practice balls require manual labour, which can be time-consuming and labour-intensive. With automated systems, golf balls are automatically collected, sorted, and cleaned, reducing the need for human intervention. This allows players to spend more time on the driving range, maximizing their practice sessions, while operators can allocate their resources more effectively, ensuring a smoother operation of the facility.

Your staff no longer need to use ride-on mowers for grass mowing. The BigMows robot mower’s perfect mulching prevents the need for grass cuttings to be collected and removed.

Robotic ball picking also means the use of utility vehicles for ball collection is rendered obsolete. In addition, ball cleaning and transport are carried out by the AMS ball wash and transport system. These processes work together to create a constant ball supply for your golf facility.

2. Value for Money

Value For Money

With cost savings of up to 50% and lease options that allow you to spread the cost. Many golf clubs already using our robot-managed outfield system, confirm a payback in just a few years.

3. Enhanced Safety & Increased Opening Hours

Enhanced Safety & Increased Opening Hours

Automated range ball management systems prioritize safety and convenience for both players and staff. Human involvement in collecting golf balls on a busy driving range can pose risks, such as being struck by errant shots. By eliminating the need for manual collection, these systems create a safer environment for everyone. Additionally, players no longer have to interrupt their practice to retrieve balls or wait for staff to refill buckets. Furthermore, the practice range no longer needs to be closed, to carry out grass cutting. Automated systems ensure a continuous supply of balls, enhancing the convenience and uninterrupted flow of practice sessions. This means better revenue for your golf facility.

4. Quality Turf & Uniform Grass

Quality Turf & Uniform Grass

Belrbotics BigMow auto mowers are fitted with floating heads and stainless steel blades. As a result, it can cope perfectly with any uneven ground. Resulting in healthy, perfectly mown turf, your visitors and players will admire.

5. Better Ball Management

Better Ball Management

Maintaining the quality and consistency of practice balls is essential for an effective practice session. Automated range ball management systems excel in this aspect by utilizing advanced technology to clean and sort balls consistently. These systems employ specialized equipment, such as ball washers and separators, to remove dirt and debris ensuring that only high-quality balls are available for players to use. The result is a more consistent and reliable experience, allowing players to practice with confidence and accuracy.

Furthermore, The Belrobotics BallPickers low-weight design reduces ball plugging by not pushing them into the ground. Secondly, BigMow’s ball deflectors protect range balls by pushing them out of the way during mowing. This means more balls can be collected by the BallPicker robot and better ball retention for your driving range.

6. Eco-Friendly & Energy Saving

Eco-Friendly & Energy Saving

In an era where sustainability is a growing concern, automated range ball management systems offer environmentally friendly solutions. By efficiently collecting and reusing golf balls, these systems minimize waste and reduce the environmental impact associated with traditional range ball management methods. Furthermore, automated systems can help facility operators manage their resources more effectively, reducing operational costs in the long run.

This coupled with automated mowing, the energy costs are three times less with BallPicker and BigMow robots when compared to petrol-powered machines. Moreover, 90% less CO2 emissions, means you can reduce your carbon footprint. BigMow’s mulching technique nourishes and strengthens the grass in a 100% ecological way.

Conclusion: The leading fully automated driving range maintenance solution

AMS Robotics automated range ball management solution has revolutionized golf practice facilities by providing increased efficiency, safety, and convenience for players and staff alike. As technology continues to advance, automated range ball management is set to become an integral part of golf training facilities, further enhancing the overall golfing experience and driving player development.

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