Why replace your Tractor Mower with a Robot?

Are you thinking of getting a tractor mower? Why not take the time to consider the benefits of a robotic mower verses a tractor mower.

BigMow Robotic Lawn Mower

The robot: Your silent gardener

Our first point is obvious, the robot is completely automated. Unlike its traditional ancestor by comparison, requires and remains dependent on human beings. Common respones to this often are…

  • “I enjoy mowing the outfield. It’s relaxing. Sitting down while mowing is also comfortable”

    Yes, while its true you’ll be seated, is being bounced around, with a constant deafening noise, really that comfortable and pleasant?

  • “I don’t want to fire my staff”

    The is not strictly necessary, the robot do require minimal maintenance which they can still undertake. With the time saved employees can be redirected to other tasks within the facility.

Another factor to consider is the impact of noise on health. There are many studies showing the harmful effect of noise on the nervous system and the cardiovascular system. Studies state the danger is present from 80 dB and with the average noise made by a classic lawnmower being 95 dB, this is definately an aspect worth considering.

Kinder to the environment

You do not need to be an environmentalist to choose a green solution for your facility but economically it can be a winning bet. By selecting a traditional tractor mower is not a very forward-looking sustainable decision, particularly fuel wise. Switching to a green solution like robots shows respect for the environment and offers sustainable development. The benefits of ecological branding, convenience and savings are also of benefit.

Demand the perfect cut

The primary function of a mower is to cut grass with a view to obtaining lawn/turf that is has an even regular surface. Central to this is a regular mowing length, which is not easy to obtain with all mowers. With robotic mowers this goal becomes easier to achieve as it offers a unique real mulching technique, that helps to promotes turf that is very green, with thick growth and free from impurities.

Unique real mulching

The robotic mower performs real mulching, effortlessly! In fact, the mulching technique cannot be performed properly unless the cut is regular! In other words, many buyers choosing a mulching-type tractor mower can often be disappointed with the results, because it demands frequent mowing. A classic mulching-type mower requires up to 3 mows per week in season which is not always feasible, so it avoids leaving too much residue!

Grass without impurities

By replacing your tractor mower with a robotic mower can automatically eliminate undesirable features such as weeds, grass diseases, moles and soil damage without any difficulty.

In conclusion, the robot alternative is very much the smart investment that will satisfy and benefit your facility much better than a tractor mower can. Consider switching to the Belrobotics BigMow robotic mower so you can permanently forget about the inconveniences associated with manual riding mowers.

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