Why a single professional robot mower works better than several little robots?

Selecting a robot for maintaining large areas (football pitches, sports grounds, golf courses, public parks and gardens or private grounds) demands careful thought. Here are five reasons why you should invest in a professional robot mower over several small robot mowers.

A reduced installation cost with a single professional robot mower

A single robot requires only one docking station, one electricity supply and a single perimeter wire instead of two or three for several robots. The expenses associated with the electrical supply are much lower for one robot mower than for a fleet of robots. Several perimeter wires can also increase the risk of interference. A single robot mower offers you uninterrupted mowing, simple installation and reduced set-up costs.

No wires crossing the area

With a single professional robot, the wire will run around the perimeter only therefore will remain undamaged during major maintenance. However when several smaller robots are installed, the wire needs to cross the area. This means on sports grounds such as football pitches, the wires are vulnerable to damage during major maintenance such as aeration, scarifications, etc resulting in costly repairs.

Lower repair and maintenance costs

The overall maintenance costs are much lower for a single robot than that of a fleet of machines, life expectancy, battery life and power are greater for professional models compared to that of smaller robots.

We advise customers to add an extra 20% to the capacity of the area to be mowed when selecting what model robot mower they require. Purchasing models that are going to be overstretched or choosing models that won’t have the capacity to ensure an impeccable cut all year round is not beneficial in the long run.

A quality cut, lower grounds maintenance costs

Grass cut by a professional robot guarantees reduced maintenance costs overall, the clippings are much smaller and fertilise the soil in a totally ecological way improving the turf’s health. What’s more, a pro robot mower is more robust, lets you cut all types and heights of grass and can clear even quite large obstacles. Thereby reducing power wastage and possible system blockages.

  • Cut precision and quality mulching
  • Cutting capacity in higher grass
  • Clears obstacles unaided
  • Robot mower life

An even cut for an impeccable grass surface

When using several robots the user needs to ensure the cutting height setting is the same on all robots. Difficulties can arises when one robot has a difference of only a few mm. As a result, the cut lines made by little robots will be much more pronounced.

In closing, by choosing a professional robot mower instead of several smaller robots is also an environmentally friendly choice, that creates less pollution and requires only a single battery and shell need to be recycled when needed.

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