What is robotic range ball collection?

Golf driving ranges have always been a popular destination for golfers to practice and improve their swing. However, one issue that has plagued these ranges for years is the tedious task of collecting golf balls scattered across the range. To streamline this process and make it more efficient, a revolutionary solution has emerged in recent years: robotic range ball collection. In this article, we will explore what robotic range ball collection is and how it is transforming the golfing industry.

The Traditional Method

Traditionally, collecting golf balls on a driving range has been a labour-intensive task. Workers would use special ball retrievers attached to the front of a vehicle to manually scoop up the balls. This method required significant manpower, time, and physical effort. Additionally, it often disrupted the flow of the driving range as workers had to manoeuvre around golfers, causing delays and inconvenience for both players and staff.

Robotic Range Ball Collection

The Rise of Robotic Range Ball Collection

The Ball Picker is the first robotic range ball collector in the world and a revolutionary advancement in golf ball collection. This coupled with the BigMow Robotic Lawn Mower, forms a duo which automates outfield maintenance tasks.

This Belrobotics and AMS partnership is the most reliable and economical assistant for driving range managers. The robotic golf range picker works in conjunction with the AMS Ball Wash & Transport System and forms a complete continual automated ball management process, which allows for the balls to be collected, washed and then transferred to the ball dispenser.

The world’s best automated golf ball picker

The automated golf range picker collects golf balls on driving ranges. Its advanced technology uses an inbuilt computer to activate 5 groups of 4 discs. This makes it possible to silently, systematically and automatically collect the range balls. Once the ball tank is full, the Ball Picker returns to its base to unload the balls for washing and to recharge its batteries.

Automated Ball Collection & Ball Protection

Unrivalled Performance – The Belrobotics BallPicker can detect the areas with high ball density and will work continuously to collect them. For particularly large outfields, several automatic ball pickers can operate simultaneously to collect the golf balls.

No golf balls are pressed into the ground during retrieval by the robot golf range picker. Therefore the club saves on replacing several thousands of balls every year, which normally remained buried in the ground.

Quieter than traditional drving range equipment

Works Quietly

Works Silently – While conventional machines can be very noisy, Belrobotics auto ball pickers produce the same amount of noise as a washing machine. Inaudible from a few metres away, this silence enables work to take place 24/7, without disturbing golfers or neighbours.

Ball Picker depositing range balls into ball pit - Robotic Range Ball Collection

Back to base to recharge and unload the balls

The automated range ball picker operates with batteries and automatically returns to its charging station to recharge. It will also return once its tank is full of balls, to discharge the balls into the wash system. In just a few seconds, the balls are emptied into the retrieval ditch.

No more chores, your automated ball collection solution

The BallPicker robot is certainly a unique robotic range ball collection system that works well under pressure and does quite a good harvest a day. The auto golf range picker operates 24/7 and never stops to complain. This silent and green robot can work while customers are around without being too intrusive. Once the tank is full it returns to base and drops balls into the ball wash & transport system, which washes and returns the balls to the dispenser. Learn more about our consultation and installation process, and find out how you can get total peace of mind with our service & support package.