What is automated range ball cleaning and transportation?

Golf driving ranges are a hub of activity, attracting players of all skill levels who want to improve their swing and accuracy. With the increasing popularity of these facilities, the efficient management of golf balls becomes crucial. To streamline operations and ensure a seamless experience for golfers, automated ball washing and transportation systems have emerged as a game-changer. In this article, we delve into the world of automated range ball cleaning and transportation for golf driving ranges, exploring its benefits and implications.

Automated Ball Washing and Transportation

Maintaining a large inventory of golf balls in pristine condition is essential for any golf driving range. Traditionally, cleaning golf balls involved manual labour, where staff members would collect the used balls, then clean them individually and return them manually back to the dispenser.

However, with AMS Robotics automated ball washing system, the process has been revolutionized. Our automated ball cleaning and transport system automates the tasks of ball washing and transporting the balls back to the dispenser.

Ball Pit - automated ball washing & transportation

Fully automated ball cleaning

To maximise efficiency, the balls are washed during the transportation process back to the dispenser. During this process water is introduced into the transportation pipe as part of the pre-soaking process, the balls are then passed through a brush wash unit, for thorough cleaning.

No hassle ball transportation

The balls travel back to the dispenser via the transportation pipe, which uses a vacuum to funnel the balls through the system until they reach the final receiver, which then dispatches the balls into the dispenser ready for use again.

automated ball washing & transportation

Continuous ball supply

By automating the ball washing and transportation ensures the facility has a continuous ball supply, as it works in conjunction with the BallPicker collector robot.

Take the hassle out of ball cleaning and dispensing

AMS understands the need of having a convenient solution for keeping range balls clean and in constant supply. With our automated range ball cleaning and transportation system, you can save labour hours and spend more time on other maintenance tasks. All with the comfort and knowledge your range balls will be cleaned and automatically returned to your hopper. Learn more about our consultation and installation process, and find out how you can get total peace of mind with our service & support package.