What about possible theft and vandalism of the robots?

Questions on the possible theft and vandalism of the robots are very common. Other related questions include, are there many thefts of Belrobotic robots? What kind of damage can occur to the robots? Who repairs the robots if damaged?

Bigmow And BallPicker

Tracking the robots location

The Ball Picker and BigMow robots are both equipped with a GPS system, so they can be located in real time at all times. An SMS alert notifies the range operator/owner and the AMS control centre, when an abnormal event occurs. The robots also have a Track & Trace system that will also send a SMS notification if an error occurs on the robot.

Robot theft is very unlikely

In the unfortunate event the robots are stolen from your golf facility, the robots would be rendered inoperable. The robots have been designed in that they cannot function on their own, they require an expert technician to install the station/ball return system to make them operational.

Vandalism or accidental damage

Accidental damage to the robots caused by visitors to the facility can occur, however intentional damage is rare. Nonetheless, if a robot is damaged by a person’s weight, is turned over, or flying objects hit it. The robots security system immediately detects this and notifies the person in charge at the facility.

Who repairs the robots if damaged?

Robot repairs will need to be carried out by our specialist AMS technicians.

  • Belrobotic robots are equipped with an extremely robust aluminum chassis that is separate from its hood.
  • In general most part can be replaced individually, so the robot can almost always be repaired if damaged.

For more information on possible theft and vandalism of the robots, contact our AMS team. We are happy to help!