Traditional mowers vs robot mowers

A side by side comparison of traditional mowers vs robot mowers firmly puts robotic mowers as the go-to product of the future. They are the latest gadget for private homes, sports clubs, parks and gardens. Robotic grounds maintenance has only become popular over recent years and it can be argued that they are further into the future than many are willing to stretch. From large commercial areas to smaller gardens, everyone is weighing up whether they are a viable solution… so here is something to help decide!

Traditional mowing vs robotic mowing

What’s the difference?

First and foremost, the main difference we all know is that a traditional mower requires manual labour to enable the running of it. This is not the case with the robotic mowers. In the height of summer when the grass is constantly growing, whether it’s a garden or sports ground – the grass will need cutting more often.

Robotic mowers come in different sizes that cut different size areas from 400m2 to 25,000m2. They work quietly and continuously whilst taking charging breaks when needed. Conversely, the more traditional methods require louder petrol powered machines and manual labour to work. Therefore the grass is likely to be cut much less often.

When comparing a robotic mower to a traditional mower another key difference is the service involved. In a domestic home, you need to make time to for mowing or pay somebody to do it for you. In a commercial situation, this is exactly the same. Sports pitches, golf clubs and areas such as parks will all need expensive machinery to enable their greenkeepers to mow, or pay contractors to do it which as a whole is definitely not cheap!

Robotic methods come hassle-free, leaving you at peace in your home. Furthermore they allow professionals to get on with the other jobs at hand. They work come rain, come shine. This is a big factor for the more commercial sites where mowing would be delayed in bad weather conditions.

Is robotic mowing affordable?

Cost is the final factor that needs to be thought about when comparing traditional mowers vs robot mowers. Robotic methods only need electric power and someone to manage it. If this is for a private garden you will do it yourself or in a commercial area a member of staff. There is an initial expense which can vary depending on the size of the mower but can save you money in the long run.

In regards to energy, consumption smaller mowers will use the same amount of energy as a lightbulb. Whereas larger format robots will use the same amount as a fridge. This means it’s a no brainer in comparison to the fuel and labour costs that would come with traditional methods. Not forgetting the grass being cut more than double the amount of times!

A robotic mowing solution is the answer to lawn care in the family home or as an addition to the team at a commercial site. Robotic mowers work smarter, not harder providing you with effortless turf all year round. No damage to the ground from heavy machinery, quiet, cost-saving, all-weather working and low maintenance… what more could you want?