New garden design, consider robotic mowing!

Why consider robotic mowing? What are the benefits? Can the robot handle slopes in a garden? The answers to your questions!

When developing and planning the layout of your new garden, the idea of a robot mower that will maintain a perfectly cultivated lawn is highly appealing. However, there are a few essential things to consider so you experience long-lasting easy maintenance with your robotic mower.

Robotic mowing, the start of a beautiful friendship

Why does a robot mower appeal to both landowners and professional gardeners?
While you may enjoy having a well kept lawn, manually maintaining it can often feel like a chore. Tasks such as cutting, raking, scarifying, fertilizing, strimming and edging your lawn can be time consuming.

With an automatic lawn mower, it allows you to sit back and let the machine look after your grass while you focus other things.

Robotic mowers are not a particularly new invention, however with the advent of new technologies they are fast becoming the must have equipment for any large property and can be economically justified for any large grounds of 2000 m² or more.

  • Save time and energy
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Improves the turf health
  • No noise pollution
  • Reduced carbon footprint

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Consider robotic mowing in your garden design.

While the robot mower can be adapted to most garden configurations. It is preferable, as far as possible, to arrange the garden with the robot’s operation in mind.

  • Obstacles

    A quality robot can easily allow for the various obstacles involved in a garden layout. The protection of flower beds, trees and all types of landscaping is guaranteed with Belrobotic mowers. Therefore no special measures need to be applied, other than careful installation by professionals. Furthermore Belrobotics models are equipped with sonar, allowing them to approach obstacles slowly. Resulting in no damage and offering peace of mind that safety is paramount. Please note that Belrobotic mowers will reach its cruising speed on unobstructed surfaces.

  • Stairs

    Since current robot mowers are unable to use a staircase. If your garden layout consists of a stairs, this does to mean it has to be eliminated from the design. However you do need to consider what route the robot will take or allow for the fact that you will have to manually move the robot the other zone.

  • Clearance width

    The clearance width for the robot is dependent on the model. The cutting width also varies according to need. However, for a private property, we advise at least a 250 cm clearance width. With standard optimum spacing between trees or between a tree and a fence being at least 200 cm for both aesthetic and practical reasons (such as for the development of the tree), the robotic mowers requirements are not too strict.

Slopes, inclines and the robotic mower

What about the garden slopes? Is the robot capable of handling a difficult surface? Yes, but certain Belrobotic models are better adapted for particularly hazardous slopes and obstacles.

  • Inclines of up to 30% for the standard models, and 45% for the biggest model.
  • Wheels with treads and a powerful motor: all-terrain safety and efficiency!

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