Let robots take charge of your football pitch maintenance

Why let robots take charge of your football pitch maintenance? How is robotic mowing a more cost effective? What are the results and benefits?

The football groundskeeper needs to invest in quality equipment with a good return on investment. With BigMow offering up to 50% savings on operational costs and is 100% ecological, makes it a cost effective alternative to traditional mowers.

A single BigMow mower can mow one football pitch, cutting the grass to the same height every time. The innovative manicure style mulching technique returns the grass to soil as nutrients leaving no waste to dispose of. This creates stronger grass thanks to better root growth, reducing the overall need for chemical fertilisers.

Better ball performance and turf quality

  • Grass is more supple and uniform
  • Improved ball trajectory
  • Enhanced shot precision and playing sensation
  • Better grass anchoring into the soil
  • Grass is more impact-resistant
  • Grass is no longer prone to being torn out

Easier management of personnel and infrastructures

The BigMow robot allows you to have the perfect healthy pitch at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Since managing personnel can be a tricky task. BigMow gives you the freedom to deploy personnel to other aspects or running the football grounds.

  • Deploy staff to other areas
  • Better optimisation of staff management and duties

A matter of sustainable development and compliance with environmental standards

Environmental management is a crucial issue for the 21st century. BigMow is a great example of blending economic and ecological values for the benefit of all:

  • 10 times less CO2 emissions
  • Less watering and natural fertilising thanks to real mulching
  • No noise pollution

Let robots take charge of your football pitch, to find out how your pitch care program can benefit from BigMow automated robot mower, give us a call 01462 676 222 or contact us for more information.