Introducing the SWOZI Cart Pro – GPS Line Marker

AMS Robotics is pleased to announce they are taking on the distribution of the groundbreaking SWOZI Cart Pro – GPS sports field line marking robot. The SWOZI line marking robots combine Swiss accuracy with leading-edge GPS technology to form an extremely rugged marking machine.

With the use of a SWOZI cart pro line marker, you can mark sports fields precisely in
minutes – both for initial and remarking set outs.

The Swozi automatic line marker is extremely convenient. Simply choose your desired field type, position the start point and watch the cart do its job. Capped at 7km/h, it marks every sports turf with 100% accuracy. Two fitted batteries give you a solid run time of four hours on average. The optional battery-swapping cradle further increases the run time and your productivity.

Swozi Cart Pro - GPS Line Marker

In locations with a weak satellite signal (e.g. under tree lines), the SWOZI cart pro can easily be switched to manual mode. This provides greater flexibility for operational performance and efficiency.

Swozi understands that the specification and requirements of sports field surface can differ, however, the SWOZI Cart Pro manages to address the needs of the most common surfaces with one system. The rugged but lightweight cart has unique features and is extremely versatile, using satellite-supported technology for 100% accuracy. The added ability to use any liquid paint with the SWOZI system gives operators the freedom of choice and maximum flexibility on different surfaces.

If you are interested in learning more please get in touch or call the office on 01462 676 222. Robot mowing and line marking package deals available