Improved turf health with commercial robotic mowing

Sports facilities, large gardens and businesses across the UK have seen improved turf health with commercial robotic mowing from AMS Robotics. Clients both old and new have recognised the significant differences and improvements it has made to their outfields and maintenance methods. With the mowing capacity increased to up to 75,000m2, the sky’s now the limit for robotic turf care. 

The lightweight Belrobotics mower provides frequent grass cutting, rain or shine, which minimises the impact on the turf. The tiny quick-composting clippings provide a constant source of fertilisation and moisture, resulting in beautifully dense turf. For sports facilities in particular, this improves the pitch’s overall ability to withstand a busy match schedule and hours of use.

Pictured are two examples of areas in which you can see the comparison of the areas that the AMS robots manage and the areas which they don’t. Stirling University has one of the original large models, Bigmow Connected, which each have a mowing capacity of up to 24,000m2. These mowers work on a random cutting pattern and will mow the total area 3-5 times per week. This picture demonstrates the quality of the turf on the right managed by robots compared to the turf on the left which is not. 

Another example of where the AMS robots have enhanced the quality of the grass is in this private client’s garden. The right-hand side is managed by AMS’s commercial robotic lawn mower and the left is not. This area is managed by the smaller self mowing lawn mower called ParcMow, which has a mowing capacity of up to 14,000m2 3-5 times per week on a random mowing pattern. However, this robot is kitted with the latest GPS RTK technology which allows the robot to work on pattern and stripe mode, therefore the mowing capacity is increased up to 40,000m2 5-7 times per week – making the process smarter and more efficient. 

AMS Robotics Customers – Improved turf health with commercial robotic mowing

University Of Stirling

University of Stirling - Improved Turf Health

Private Client

Private Client Garden with improved turf health

AMS Robotics are pleased to announce its latest partnership with Turf Business as they come on as the latest sponsor for the Turf Force renovation at Highfield Rangers FC. AMS are thrilled to be supporting such a brilliant project. 

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