Great success with the leading commercial robotic lawn mower

Belrobotics leading commercial robotic lawn mower shows great success with all clients. Robotic mowing has taken the grounds maintenance market by storm – with ever-rising fuel and labour costs, it has become the clear solution for managing large grass areas.

With over 20 years of experience, Belrobotics are at the forefront of commercial robot mowers. In particular, the BigMow is the best commercial robot lawn mower in the market, with the ability to manage up to 75,000m2 five times a week, the sky’s the limit for robotic turf care.

They provide frequent grass cutting, rain or shine, which minimizes the impact on the turf. The tiny quick-composting clippings provide a constant source of fertilization and moisture, resulting in beautifully dense turf. Once set up, these mowers leave their charging stations and cut the grass without the need for any supervision.

The Belrobotics leading commercial robotic lawn mower products have had a huge amount of success with all types of clients from private gardens, huge sports facilities, turf farms – the list goes on!

On top of the commercial client base, AMS works with many private clients who have large grass areas that need maintenance at their private homes and often have no staff or time to keep on top of the workload. These cases have been particularly rewarding – AMS has been able to give them the solution they needed.

What our customers have to say – The leading commercial robotic lawn mower

“The mower has saved me roughly 150 hours work per annum, the problem we had using our ride on mowers where either scalping due to undulations in the parkland gardens or being unable to mow the lawn consistently due to the slopes in the wet weather meaning we could rarely achieve anything less than a 50mm cut, we no longer have that problem, the robot handles the slopes in all but the very worst weather and we regularly maintain 25mm cut allowing a much thicker covering of grass. I was skeptical at first but I will never go back to mowing that doesn’t just involve the push of a button.”

AMS Robotics Private Client
Leading commercial robotic mower - AMS Robotics

“The two BigMows at this property each handle very different areas of the grounds. The first is a complex wooded lawn at the front of the house and this is separated from a “continuation” of the lawn which is a longer grass sheep field. With the retirement of our landscape manager and head gardener, we had qualms about finding a suitable (human) replacement. The two BigMows have more than proved their worth and I delight in watching them, with my feet up, work so efficiently. The quality of the grass has improved with the continuous micro-mowing and the lawns and sheep field grass now look more like an extensive green carpet than a striped and previously mothy lawn. I am delighted with my investment.”

AMS Robotics Private client
BigMow - Leading commercial robotic mower

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