Grassroots Football: Highfield Rangers’ Playing Field Makeover Powered by AMS Robotics

In the world of Leicestershire football, Highfield Rangers has stood strong since 1970. This local club has been a hub for grassroots football, and last year, a unique collaboration was formed. A partnership between Turf Business and the creative mind of John Ledwidge gave birth to the game-changing #TurfForce project. Together with other well-known brands, they breathed new life into Highfield Rangers’ playing field, showing how teamwork can create magic.

The Deep Roots of Highfield Rangers

Born in 1970, Highfield Rangers has a rich and diverse history. Over the years, it has become a cherished part of the grassroots football scene. This made it a perfect candidate for an exciting project that aimed to transform the club.

A New Beginning

The project was no small feat. It aimed to give a deserving local club an amazing playing field. Turf Business led the way, and the project was given a catchy name: #TurfForce. John Ledwidge, Head of Sports & Grounds is an important figure at Leicester City Football Club, coined the name. The hashtag wasn’t just for show; it was used to spread the word online and attract sponsors. The goal was to gather support to completely renovate Highfield Rangers’ playing field. But beyond the physical changes, this project had a bigger purpose: to emphasize the importance of quality in grassroots football.

A Fresh Face in the Grassroots Football

Enter AMS Robotics, a key sponsor that joined the project a bit later when the new grass had started to develop. Their decision to get involved was based on a visit to the club and meeting the hardworking people who took care of it. It was clear they were open to exploring new ways to keep the pitch in top shape. Plus, there was BigMow, a robotic mower whose availability was made possible by a football foundation grant. This grant was and is a lifeline for grassroots clubs. Therefore it was essential to show everyone how BigMow could make a real difference.

Meet BigMow: The Game-Changer

Now, let’s shine a spotlight on the star of the field: Belrobotics BigMow. Imagine a robot that can mow areas as large as 75,000m2 all by itself. It doesn’t just mow once; it keeps the grass in good condition by mowing several times a week. Whether it’s sunny or rainy, BigMow keeps going and even recharges itself when needed. The best part? No need to gather the clippings. You can control it from your smartphone. It’s like having a pitch-perfect helper!

A Victory on the Horizon

As the #TurfForce project unfolded at Highfield Rangers. BigMow showed its true potential and worked tirelessly throughout the year. It left an unmistakable mark on the club’s renovated field. The result was so impressive that the club decided to get its own BigMow using the grant they received. One club member summed it up well, saying”

The mower has done a fantastic job at the club. It has helped us out so much, especially with how frequently the pitch now gets cut. It is one of the best things we have ever done for the club.

Looking Ahead

And so, the tale of Highfield Rangers and their remarkable pitch transformation comes to life. It’s a story about teamwork, innovation, and the heart of grassroots football. The #TurfForce project highlights how partnerships and modern technology can elevate the game.

If you want to learn more about trials or demos for Belrobotic robot mowers, get in touch by giving us a call on 01462 676 222. This could be your glimpse into a future where robots and human passion unite to create a truly unforgettable playing field.