Frequently Asked Questions – Operation, Installation And Ownership

Installation & Getting Started

Can I carry out the installation myself?

Since the ParcMow offers coverage up to 12,000 sqm and BigMow offers up to 24,000 sqm, we advise customers to have the robot mowers installed professionally by AMS Robotics. Installation can be carried out in a few hours, depending on the size and complexity of your turfed area, but is usually completed the same day.

What about the first time around on long grass?

If the grass is very long and thick you should raise the cutting height and then gradually reduce it to the preferred level. In very extreme conditions the turfed area may need to be cut by a conventional mower before the Belrobotics robot mower takes over.

Cutting Effiecincy

How does the robot mower know it has covered the whole area?

Belrobotics mowers work by mowing in various directions in a seemingly random pattern. This has been proven to be the most reliable way to cover the whole turfed area. Ensuring a carpet-like cut throughout your green space, leaving no uncut grass.

Time & weather

Does it work in the rain?

Belrobotics mowers will cut grass in most types of weather and is designed to handle wet conditions. It is however recommended not to use the mower in extreme weather conditions, such as torrential rain, storms, snow etc.

Can it work at night?

With its remarkably low decibel level, Belrobotic mowers can easily be at work cutting the grass, day or night, without disturbing you or your neighbours.

Edges & Pathways

Does it go to the edges properly?

Belrobotic mowers cover the whole grass area within the boundary wire, leaving no uncut grass. Depending on the green space, you may need to complement your edges with a weed trimmer or edger to get a perfect finish.

How does it deal with narrow paths?

The robot mowers BigMow and ParcMow are guided by boundary wires around your garden/turf area. To ensure the mower has enough movability to cut in irregular patterns and so there are no lines or traces of mowing in the grass. We recommend the passages be no smaller than 100cm wide.

Handling & Obstacles

How does Belrobotics robot mowers deal with uneven surfaces?

Due to their large driving wheels, Belrobotic mowers can cope with uneven surfaces very well. It also handles slopes up to 45% (24°) incline.

What about small objects on the grass?

To maximise the life of the blades, we advise that stones, leaves, sticks and other small objects should be raked or collected regularly. This is because they can decrease the lifespan of the cutting blades, tree branches may also damage or bend the blades resulting in poor cutting performance.

Energy & environment

What effect does it have on the environment?

Belrobotic mowers run on batteries, therefore the actual energy consumption of the robot lawn mowers is very low at 580 kWh for ParcMow and 830kWh for BigMow (per year on average). With no direct emissions from the robots themselves, the energy used to charge the robots equates to 10 x less CO2 than the equivalent combustion engine machines.  

Safety & security

Is it really safe around kids and pets?

Belrobotics mowers have a built-in safety feature means the blade will automatically stop if it is lifted up or turned over. The distance between the outer body shell and the blade tip is also extra-long to avoid feet or hands from accidentally reaching the blades. That said we advise you to keep children and animals away from the robot when it is in motion.

What about theft protection?

BigMow and ParcMow robot mowers protect against theft in several ways. If the robot is tampered with, you are warned by the Belrobotics app and we can trace the thief using the exclusive ‘Track & Trace’ system built into the smart lawn mowers. A protection PIN can also be activated. And if there is a malfunction, you will be also be warned by the app at the same time as the AMS Robotics technical centre.

Service & Support

What about warranty and guarantees?

Defective parts are repaired or replaced by AMS Robotics during the warranty period. For peace of mind, we advise customers to take advantage of our full service and support plan, to further safeguard their investment.

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