Do I need a garage for my robot mower?

Can the robot mower be left outdoors throughout the mowing season? What are the benefits of having a garage for my robot mower? How should it be fitted out?

A robot mower can be left outside

High-quality robot mowers are designed and built to be left outdoors throughout the mowing season. The location of the charging base must NOT be placed in a corner or close to a source of water (for the magnetic waves). This is because the robot must be able to align its charging contacts easily with the station. Belrobotics robot mowers have an aluminium and stainless-steel chassis guaranteeing strength and durability.

A garage is not indispensable,but…

Although on the face of it the robot doesn’t require any additional protection, the option of a garage may be wise, in order to:

  • Protect from the elements and other damage

    Hail, snow, branches or bird droppings can affect the robot. If it is frequently exposed to severe weather or a risk of external damage, covering it will prove wise, though mainly to protect the robot from the point of view of its appearance.

  • Protection from projectile impacts

    Even though the robot mower itself is able to withstand the impact from range balls, another use for a garage is to protect the charging station from projectiles. For example at a golf course or football ground, errant balls can hit and damage the station’s sonar or charging arm. In this instance, metal mesh is one option for protecting the station.

  • Leaving the robot to recharge away from humans

    Places such as public parks and green spaces are where a great many people pass through. Sometimes they may move the robot unintentionally causing the robots charge being interrupted. In this case, a small protective housing like the one shown in the image below can be useful.

  • Making the landscape more attractive

    The garage can also serve a decorative function. Some owners like to customize the installation and choose this option simply for the beauty of the structure. Conversely, robot lifts allow the machine to be completely hidden away!

The risk of vandalism is extremely rare and does not especially warrant a garage. For more information read our article on robot mower vandalism.

Recommendations for using a robot garage

The garage must allow the sonar to detect the charging base. From that point on, several options are offered such as a partially open or mesh garage, an external sonar to let the sonar waves guide the robot or the lift model charge station.

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