Care and maintenance of Belrobotics outfield robots

What care is involved in the maintenance of Belrobotics outfield robots? Is end-of-season servicing necessary?

Your outfield robots are autonomous. It maintains your grounds according to set programming based on your requirements and needs.

What can an owner do to preserve the robots?

There are certain steps should be taken regularly to maintain optimum robot operation and to ensure a longer working life:

  • Clear any large obstructions such as tree branches or other refuse from the grounds
  • Check that the grounds have no big holes that the robot could get stuck in. (This is usual flagged during the site survey if pre-existing)
  • Use a brush or compressed air gun to clean robot’s tyres, BigMows cutting heads along with Ball Pickers ball collecting wheel. (This should be repeated every two to three days in rainy weather, and once a week in dry weather).
  • A regular check of the charging contacts on the robots and the charging station
  • BigMow cutting heads should be replaced at least once every three to four months.

    For the sake of its appearance, feel free to wash the robot’s body using clean or soapy water.

Is end-of-season servicing necessary?

Just like a car, the outfield robots require annual servicing. This is because they cover between 5000 to 8000 km per year, so should be serviced by AMS technicians only. For customers signed up to Range Ball Service Plan this is included as part of the service contract.

The servicing is performed according to a detailed maintenance plan. The process involves the robot being disassembled, inspected, cleaned, along with certain parts being replaced. The software is updated and the wheel motors are greased. The electronics, sonar system, and wiring are also checked.

Where should I store the robot during the winter months?

This is more directed to private home users rather than commercial facilities but can be applied if necessary. When not in use, ideally the robots should be stored in a location protected from frost and humidity. Apply this procedure before an idle period:

  •  Carry out a final cleaning before storage.
  • Charge the battery and set the switch to “Off”.

Please contact us if you have any further questions about the care and maintenance of Belrobotics outfield robots.