Brand your outfield robots and capitalise on your investment

How can the robots be used for advertising? What are the benefits and how can it enhance my brand awareness?

Brand your outfield robots with your company logo

The robots are a great and unique way to get your company message in front of an audience of potential customers. They can be branded with your company logo or offered as advertising to your suppliers or local businesses.

Brand your outfield robots with your company logo

Why not reinforce your company brand, with your logo branded onto the robots. Position your business as a forward thinking facility that cares about the environment.


Offer advertising to your local dealership

The robots can be branded to look like mini vehicles, so if you have a local BMW, Porsche or VW dealership for example, consider offering the robots as a unique advertising opportunity.



  • Build long-term relationship with customers
  • Brand directly in sight of the potential/established customers
  • Message reinforced robots continually manoeuvring in the outfield

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