Belrobotics unveils BM-850, the new compact mower robot for sports fields

Belrobotics, a leader in automated solutions for turf maintenance, introduces its latest technological gem: the BM-850. Designed specifically for high-density sports fields such as football, rugby, and baseball, the BM-850 offers economical, durable, and safe mowing.

Advanced performance

  • Mowing capacity of up to 30,000 m2 per week, suitable for sports fields and green spaces.
  • Precise cutting with its 2 floating heads and ecological mulching.
  • Enhanced safety with 2 sonars to avoid obstacles and ensure risk-free operation.

Cutting-Edge technology

  • Precise guidance thanks to GPS-RTK technology, providing ultra-precise navigation.
  • Wi-Fi or 4G connectivity for remote control via smartphone using a user-friendly new application.

Environnemental and economic benefits

  • Reduces CO2 emissions and energy costs by up to 10 times compared to traditional mowers.
  • No noise pollution, environmentally friendly, and compliant with ecological standards.

Versatility and ease of use

  • Suitable for both individuals and businesses for different-sized fields.
  • Wireless installation and simplified configuration with an intuitive keypad and integrated stop button.

The BM-850 is a powerhouse of performance, cost-effectiveness, and durability, offering an ideal solution for maintaining sports fields and green spaces. It is now available through Belrobotics resellers to revolutionise outdoor space maintenance.

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