Belrobotics signs distribution renewal with AMS Robotics

Earlier last week, Belrobotics CEO Emmanuel Bois d’Enghien visited AMS Robotics HQ to renew contracts, naming AMS Robotics as their exclusive UK distributor for the next five years.

AMS Robotics had already been the UK distributor for the past six years, incorporating the robot technology into their own automated maintenance solution. 

Together AMS Robotics and the Belrobotics brand have been experiencing growth year on year. With the recent release of the new connected line models and the upgrade in technology – it is only set to continue. The new models are more robust, quieter and simpler to maintain. The connected line also comes with an app for your smartphone, GPS mapping, maintenance history and a web portal for the operator to manage. 

Recent AMS installations include the driving range at Golf Kingdom based in Romford, who will be utilising the new connected line. Not to mention many of AMS’s current sites have upgraded their original classic line machines to the new spec and have really began to experience the benefits the new technology has to offer. This coupled with the support offered by AMS makes the already simple solution to managing your green area even simpler.  

AMS Robotics MD – Philip Sear (left) with Belrobotics CEO – Emmanuel Bois d’Enghien

Throughout the visit several group meetings were held in which discussions were based around what direction AMS should be taking the business in the future in order to make the most of the huge potential growth the UK market has to offer. The forecast graph that was presented indicated that the UK has so far and could potentially continue to experience the most growth out of all distributing countries worldwide. 

“There is such a huge gap in the UK’s market for Belrobotics robots. More and more organisations are coming to us wanting to know how the robots will benefit them. There are endless opportunities at the moment for us at AMS Robotics and we are really looking forward to the next five years.”

Phillip Sear Managing Director of AMS Robotics.