Belrobotics Robots GPS RTK Upgrade

AMS Robotics are pleased with the progress of our regional dealer network covering the whole of the UK, just in time for the official introduction of the new robots GPS RTK kit. 

The already first-class equipment just got even better, adopting all the advantages of the connected line robots in addition to some new technology which makes up the robots GPS RTK system. Belrobotics have dedicated a lot towards the new kit as it is now clear this is the pathway to a more productive and sustainable future in turf care. It is still the same high performing, low noise and zero-emission professional robotic mower, but better.

Robots GPS RTK for Football Pitches - AMS Robotics

Equipped with the latest navigation technology available, the robots can now navigate in pattern mode. With real time Kinematic installation, the robot navigates with a 2-3 cm level precision, enabling it to mow in pattern mode with minimal overlap. This new feature will enable striping for football and other sports pitches, presenting your pitch to the highest standard. BigMow RTK’s cut height is also able to be reduced, making it suitable for cricket pitches and any other areas requiring a shorter cut.

BigMow RTK can manage an area up to 75,000m2, and due to pattern mode at a quicker speed of five times per week in comparison to BigMow connected, which will still dominate an area up to 24,000m2, however three to five times per week. ParcMow RTK can manage an area of up to 45,000m2 five times per week, in comparison to ParcMow connected which will still happily manage 12,000m2, but again with the slightly longer cut time of three to five times per week depending on the area. Both BigMow and ParcMow Connected can be upgraded with the RTK GPS anytime, which is great for existing customers that want their system to go that extra mile.

“We are very excited to introduce the new developments in the Belrobotics technology. We have been at the forefront of the professional commercial robotic mowing industry in the UK for eight years now and it is really begun to take shape over the last few years. With outdoor sports commencing at the end of the month, it’s great timing and we have some superb clients coming on board.”

Philip Sear Managing Director AMS Robotics

GPS RTK has now taken the ever-growing commercial robotic mowing market to the next level and the software will continuously develop over the next year. Both BigMow and ParcMow Connected and RTK are the perfect solution for sports pitches, contractors, councils and golf facilities to utilise, save money and improve the quality of their grounds. GPS RTK is now available in the UK and the first of the products are being installed by us in early April. Introductory offers and trial periods are available, get in contact touch for more or call 01462 676222