Belrobotic mowers features

Belrobotics robots are equipped with cutting-edge technology that enables them to perform groundskeeping tasks such as mowing and ball collection with precision and accuracy. These intelligent machines leverage a combination of sensors, GPS navigation, artificial intelligence, and advanced algorithms to navigate and operate in outdoor environments. They are designed to take care of the maintenance of sports fields, public parks, golf courses, and other green spaces. In this article, we look at the features and capabilities of Belrobotics automated groundskeeping solutions.

Robot Mowers: Floating heads & retractable blades

Belrobotic mowers are equipped with between 3 to 5 floating cutting heads, depending on the model. The floating heads adapt automatically to the configuration of the terrain. Each floating cutting head contains 3 stainless steel cutting blades all sharp as a scalpel. This provides the following benefits:

  • Guarantees a constant cutting height
  • Avoids damaging the grass and prevents the robot from becoming stuck on uneven terrain or molehills
  • Reduces cleaning requirements thanks to its self-cleaning system (centrifugal expulsion of cuttings).
  • Safety being paramount, the blades retract when an obstacle is detected. Avoiding any risk of accidental injury to an adult, child, or animal.

Robot Ball Picker: Collecting Discs

The Belrobotics Ball Picker robot is equipped with 13 collecting discs, that grab the balls filtering them into the ball tank of the robot, which has a capacity of 300 balls. Once full it returns to the base to empty its load.

Belrobotics robots works in light rain

Works in light rain

Robustly designed for outdoor use, the robot can still operate in light rainy conditions. Belrobotic robots are lightweight in comparison to traditional equipment and leave no ruts in the turf.

BigMow works tirelessly


Working day and night, the Belrobotic robots follow its program setting. For example, if the areas to be mown need to be kept clear during the day (e.g. sports grounds), they can work discreetly at night.

Track & Trace BigMow Software

Track & Trace

The exclusive robot Track & Trace system immediately alerts the owner and the AMS control centre via the app of any operating error or attempted theft. Via the web interface, the robot manager can view and analyse the operating history. The embedded computer memorizes the robot’s activity so that the operating history and productivity can be calculated.

Control BigMow remotely

Remote control

Remotely, via a mobile, the user can programme as well as monitor the operation of mower. Options include:

  • suspend operation
  • order a restart
  • or switch the robot from programmed schedule mode to full control
  • the robot can also notify the user of any malfunctions via the app
All-terrain mobility

All-terrain mobility

On flat surfaces, Belrobotic mowers can quickly mow areas of between 5,000 m2 to 75,000 m2, with their speed automatically adapting to any obstacles. The wheels are fitted with non-skid treads, combined with powerful motors, all allow them to navigate difficult terrain and slopes between 30% to 45%.

BigMow Guidance System

Guidance system

The Belrobotic robots can utilise either a physical or virtual perimeter to navigate the area.

Physical perimeter wires send an electromagnetic signal recognised by the robot, via a sensor, that determines its distance from the edge of the grass area.

New for 2023, GPS RTK robots enabled with WiseNav allow for a completely wire-free installation – giving you total flexibility and control to adjust your virtual boundaries according to the needs of your green space.

More Powerful
LongLife Batteries LifeP04

Battery powered

Belrobotic robots are the most powerful mowers of their kind and can cover more than 16,000 km/year. If an obstacle is detected, the robot slows down or stops immediately and then adapts its path. Powered by Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, the energy density is three items higher than classic batteries. Allowing for a much higher number of charging cycles, thus increasing the battery’s longevity. They have an average charge time of between 50 to 90 min.

BigMow self-charges


The robotic mower automatically returns to its charging station for a charging time between 50 & 90 min. Low voltage (28 volts, alternating current) eliminates all risks of accidental electrocution.

BigMow - the groundskeeper valuable helper

A helping hand

Automated mowing can massively reduce manual tasks, which consume a lot of time and physical effort. Depending on the size of your green space it can be mowed between 3 to 7 times per week, allowing you to avoid the stress of seasonal peaks and ensure a perfect cutting height is maintained at all times.

  • Reduced ecological footprint
  • 10 times less CO2 emissions
  • 3 times less energy.
  • Not harsh on the environment
  • No noise pollution
  • Less watering, less chemical fertiliser and less weed, clover and moss treatment.
Visible quality of the grass, thanks to constant mulching.

A lush green outfield

On amateur and municipal fields, grass generally grows 40 mm per week, or as much as 80 mm on professional sports grounds. This growth doesn’t bother Belrobotic mowers which, with its constant mulching, revolutionizes the maintenance of football pitches. The sharp blades of the mower cut cleanly and regularly, favouring grass growth. The grass is visibly more beautiful and denser making it an ideal playing area.

  • Theft and malfunction alerts
  • Multiple safety features
  • Guidance system
  • Accident prevention
Propulsion by brushless motor

Premium build quality

The brush-less system prevents mechanical friction, which considerably extends the working life of the motors. Its aluminium and stainless steel chassis is lightweight, offering strength and stability. Its wheels are shielded with metal armour coating and a rubber bond coat, with non-skid treads. The body is made of hard-wearing high-density polyethene.

Operation on different adjacent grounds

One robot different areas

Belrobotic robots can be programmed to operate according to predefined schedules within different zones and on different adjacent grounds. You can therefore easily segment surface areas into different sections that can be either cut via robotic mowing or collected via ball picker according to your own schedule.

Multiple Safety Features

Multiple safety features

Sonars and sensors are built into robots allowing them to detect obstacles, which in turn triggers the necessary reactions such as slow down, stop or change of trajectory. To eliminate the risk of accidental injury, the cutting blades on the robotic mowers are equipped with protective deflectors. A sensor also immediately halts the rotation of the blades in case the robot mower is lifted up.

Accident Prevention

Accident prevention

Global statistics show that robotic mowers cause 100 times fewer injuries than traditional mowers. Belrobotic mowers are fully equipped with smart systems, offering an unrivalled level of safety, far greater than other mowers, including lower-quality robotic mowers.

Malfunction Alert

Malfunction alert

The exclusive Track & Trace system immediately sends an alert message to warn the owner and the control centre of any operating error.

Theft alert and protection

Theft alert and protection

If the Track & Trace system detects a suspicious removal from the mowing area, it sounds the alarm and tracks the robot’s position via GPS. The autonomous mower can also be enabled by a secret code to prevent its use by unauthorised persons.

Belrobotics robots are transforming the groundskeeping industry, offering efficient and sustainable solutions for maintaining outdoor spaces. With their advanced technology, customizable programming, and intelligent obstacle detection systems, these robots simplify lawn care and save time and money for businesses and organizations. As the world continues to embrace automation, Belrobotics remains at the forefront, revolutionizing the way we approach groundskeeping.