Autonomous line marking and robotic mowing

SWOZI and ParcMow are ‘The perfect pairing for sports pitches’ offering autonomous line marking and robotic mowing for sports fields.

Autonomous line marking and robotic mowing - Swozi and ParcMow

SWOZI and ParcMow – Autonomous line marking and robotic mowing

AMS Robotics has proudly taken on the distribution of the SWOZI Cart Pro, which is considered the most versatile and adaptable line marking system for sports fields on the current market. The innovative line marking machines can easily be modified to suit virtually all line marking requirements.

The SWOZI paint app, is simple to use making tapes and strings a thing of the past. By utilising GPS technology to position and layout sports fields, line marking is carried out effortlessly, quickly, and more accurately.

Belrobotics robot mowers, in particular, ParcMow is packed with features to help you and your business take your turf care to the next level.

Keeping turf healthy can be a lot of hard work. This coupled with ever-increasing fuel and labour costs makes the Belrobotics ParcMow robot mower the perfect answer. The automated robotic mowing solution cuts the grass for you — without your supervision, around the clock running entirely on electricity.

Designed for large areas and professional applications Belrobotics mowers can cover areas of between 6,000 m2 to 75,000 m2 depending on the model most suited to the facility. These robots run continuously (unless there is a match on the pitch) in turn, allowing the grass of your green space to be cut 3 to 7 times per week rain or shine, giving you the perfect cut, without the hassle.

Belrobotics ParcMow - Autonomous line marking and robotic mowing

When pairing the SWOZI cart pro field marking robot with the Belrobotics ParcMow, you have the perfect solution for sports pitch maintenance. Performs whatever the weather, no sick days, and lighter equipment mean better quality turf on your pitch.