Are robotic lawn mowers worth it?

Are robotic lawn mowers worth it? Do you have a large lawn area that needs mowing? This article will explain the advantages of commercial robotic mowers and how they can benefit your large green space.

Hassle-free mowing – (Pros)

It’s fair to say that most people do not get excited about the chore of lawn mowing. Keeping your lawn healthy can be a lot of hard work for many homeowners, especially if you have a particularly large green space that needs maintenance.

Therefore it comes as no surprise, that robotic mowers are becoming increasingly popular. So whether it’s to spend more time with the family, or give you or your gardener more time to spend elsewhere in the garden. Robotic mowers offer the perfect solution to your grass cutting needs.

A beautifully manicured garden

Simply put robotic mowers are the best thing that can happen to your lawn. After using a robotic lawn mower for a couple of months, you’re sure to notice the difference between your lawn and your neighbours.

Traditional lawn mowers are used less frequently and tend to create more stress on the grass when mowing. You also might end up trimming too short, leaving lumps of clippings on the lawn.

In comparison, robotic lawn mowers cut your lawn more frequently, the manicure mulch technique also helps promote healthy grass and an amazing appearance. The grass clippings are so short you will never need to rake the, they fall to the soil and fertilise your lawn naturally.

Belrobotics robot mowers’ daily mowing boosts the density of grass blades and effectively prevents the propagation of weeds. An easy-to-program scheduler means it can work to your schedule.

Robotic mowers can offer flexibility if grass length is a matter of personal taste. For instance, our range of Belrobotics mowers lets you adjust the cutting height to your favourite length via the smartphone app.

Whether you have a simple lawn or a complex multi-layered one with flowerbeds, rough terrain or slopes, a Belrobotics robotic mower will help you achieve perfection.

Better coverage than smaller robots

If you have ever considered robotic mowing for your large garden. You may have felt restricted by the limited coverage offered by smaller robots.

With that said our range of Belrobotics automowers are not your typical robotic mower. They are a large format automated concept that caters for large gardens and green spaces greater than 5,000 sqm. For instance, the single BigMow robotic mower can cover up to 75,0000 sqm.

Saves money, time and labour

Whether you’re a grounds manager or a homeowner, you could make potential cost savings of between 10%-50%. Once the perimeter wire is set up or the designated area is plotted using GPS (wireless mowing), the mower is ready to do its thing. You’ll save money you otherwise would have spent on a landscaping company. If your commercial facility, it will free up grounds care staff or maintenance personnel to focus on other important tasks.

Saves energy and is eco-friendly

Consumes 90% less energy and emits 10 times less CO2 than traditional ride on mowers.

Tackles uneven lawns & large spaces

Uphill and downhill, Belrobotics large-format mowers feel at home. Its advanced technology allows it to tackle inclines of between 30% to 45%.

Safe all-weather design

Robotic mowers come with a variety of safety features, Belrobotics mowers in particular are housed in a protective shield, the mower blades will also recoil back and the blades stop spinning immediately if the robot gets lifted off the ground. The robotic mowers are waterproof and happy to be outside even in wet weather conditions.

Self charging

Robotic mowers tend to be self-charging and will automatically return to their charging station when required, so no need to worry about changing batteries or plugging it in.

Minimal noise when mowing

Gas-powered mowers can get as loud as 100dB and require ear protection. Such noise can propagate as far as 1km, making summer days less relaxing. Robotic mowers are so quiet you can operate them during the night so you can enjoy your garden during the day.

Strip Pattern Mowing

For a long time, robotic mowers could only give an even cut all around the lawn. Leaving an entirely levelled trim, which can sometimes look boring aesthetically. With the advent of GPS RTK technology, Belrobotics mowers now offer strip pattern mowing.

Wire Free Mowing

Once again, through the advancement of technology, robotic mowers now offer no perimeter wire mowing. This means a boundary wire is no longer required for the robot mower to navigate the green space to be mowed.

Are there disadvantages? – (Cons)

Yes, there can be some downsides to robotic mowers

Cost might be prohibitive

We’ve mentioned that robotic mowers do offer a fantastic return on investment in the long run compared to traditional mowers. The tradeoff is the higher upfront costs. With that said we do offer finance options for you to spread the cost. Not to mention if you are a grass root football club FA grants are available.

You might actually enjoy manually cutting the grass

Robotic lawn mowers are designed to give you a great-looking lawn without any physical effort from you. This translates as redistribution of labour, so you can concentrate on other important areas of gardening, or simply just more time to spend with family.

However, we understand that some people are mowing enthusiasts and enjoy the hard work and can give you a sense of pride in making the lawn look great all on your own. 

Determine what’s important to you

Ultimately, the question of are robotic lawn mowers worth it is by determining what is important to you. Now that you know all the pros and cons of a robotic mower, the decision should be a little easier.

Turf care is a lot of hard work, and many people simply don’t enjoy it. It takes away precious time that could be spent elsewhere. But some may enjoy the satisfaction of keeping up a beautiful lawn.

Why not get in touch to discuss how robotic mowing can benefit your green space with one of sales team.