AMS Robotics back in full swing

AMS Robotics are back in full swing after a much needed Christmas break following a challenging but busy year. 2020 brought new challenges to AMS and at one point it’s future was uncertain, as it has been for many small businesses across the globe. With the help of government support through the toughest of times and a team determined to finish the year on a high.

New venture for AMS Robotics

AMS Robotics recovered successfully with an array of new clients and even embarked on a new venture. The setting up their very own dealer network with new employee Adrian Fowler as AMS Robotics dealer manager. This has resulted in eight new main dealerships up and down the country joining the AMS team along with over one hundred online sub dealerships. Training up and handing over some of the reins to our brilliant main dealerships is looking to be a new and exciting journey for the engineering team and everyone is extremely excited for the year ahead. 

Unfortunately, the country is currently facing another lockdown. Many facilities will be using this time to get things in order and prepare for the year ahead as best as possible. To make things a little easier this new year AMS are bringing a new lockdown deal to the table for sports facilities, Councils and Golf Clubs so don’t miss out!

To find out more about the offers available, please give us a call on 01462 676 222 or alternatively you can use the contact form on our website.