AMS is all set and ready to go for 2023

AMS Robotics is back in full swing after a much-needed Christmas break following a challenging but busy year 2022 was one of the busiest yet and 2023 is set to be the same. This year we plan on attending a variety of events including Saltex, Bigga’s BTME, ISBA (schools bursars show), and the Festival of Turf. On top of this, our technology is improving, our dealer network is growing and our audiences are expanding.

AMS Dealer Update

At the beginning of last year, AMS began building a dealer network with Andy appointed as a dealer manager. The dealer network has grown and we now have half a dozen of main dealers and several sub-dealers. Our main dealers are learning how to navigate the robots and growing in confidence when it comes to selling and installing the robots. Our dealers have made a great effort with marketing and branching out to new clients with demo offers and trial periods. They have been involved in training with us at the office and made a great effort to join us at trade shows and demo days in order to build as much knowledge as they can so they are fully prepared for the upcoming
growing season.

New Technolgy

This spring we await the introduction of the new technology AMS and the industry as a whole have been waiting for. Belrobotics have now released WISENAV which is an update that will now allow the robots to run without a perimeter wire installed around the working area. This will now allow us to expand into mowing much larger areas such as golf course fairways. WIESNAV holds many features such as pattern mowing, increased performance, centimeter accuracy, more sustainable mowing, remote configuration, and most importantly – mowing without a wire.

New Audiences

As our technology broadens, so will our customer base. Belrobotics WISENAV wireless update has given us the opportunity to begin projects that we were unable to carry out when a wire was needed. For example, we have been able to begin our test demos on golf courses. This will aim to save golf clubs up to 150K a year when comparing the costs of traditional mowing methods. Polo clubs are the second new target audience we are now able to branch out towards. When a perimeter wire was required, it wasn’t a viable solution for Polo Clubs as there were dangers of damaging the wire/horses feet. Now there is no longer a need for the wire. We currently have several successful polo club demos on the go with all looking to purchase a robot for their pitches. A really positive start to 2023.

Happy New Year 2023 from AMS Robotics