What are the advantages of Commercial Robotic Mowers

In many situations, commercial robotic mowers can increase productivity, efficiency, quality and consistency of your turf health and ground maintenance. This article looks at the advantages of commercial robotic mowers for landscapers, groundscare staff and sports clubs.

Here are six advantages of commercial robotic mowers

1. One robot mower for larger landscapes

The vast majority of robotic mowers are designed to cut between a quarter acre and half acre of grass. If you have a large lawn over 1 acre (over 5000 sqm), you would typically require several robot mowers to maintain the area.

Belrobotics range of commercial robotic mowers provides better coverage, offering a mowing capacity of up to 75,000 sqm (approx 18 acres). This makes it the perfect addition to any homeowner, groundsman, turf care team, greenkeeper or green care company.

2. Saves money, time and labour

Ground maintenance costs can be a large part of your annual budget.

Not to mention, whether you use outside contractors or employ your own staff and equipment. The task of grass mowing is a time consuming chore and can use resources whose skills would be better employed elsewhere. Robot mowers free up grounds care staff or maintenance personnel to focus on other important tasks.

Belrobotics robot mowers offer cost savings of between 10%-50%, with budgets being an important factor in the turf care sector. Our robot mowers are available to purchase outright or you can spread the cost with our finance options.

3. Saves energy and is eco-friendly

Robot mowers run on electricity and directly emit no exhaust pollutants, making them eco-friendly. Belrobotic robot mowers consume 90% less energy and emit 10 times less CO2 than traditional ride-on mowing equipment.

4. Improves the health of your grass

Tiny grass clippings feed the soil, reducing the overall need for chemical fertilisers. Soil compaction is eliminated, due to the lightweight robots. This allows for stronger grass thanks to better root growth.

With the robot mower able to work 24/7, grass collection or disposal is no longer necessary. Not weather dependant The mower will mow in most weather conditions and has a rain sensor for additional flexibility

Belrobotic robot mowers also feature ball deflectors, therefore golf facility managers can benefit from better ball retention, as the occurrence of plugged or damaged range balls is significantly reduced.

5. Quietly mows your green space

Unlike traditional lawn mowers, robotic mowers have smaller cutting decks and lightweight razor blades that require less motor power. This allows them to operate virtually silently, the Belrobotics robot mower operates at 52 decibels of sound output. Which is quieter than a window-unit air conditioner.

Because you don’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbours, or students if you manage a school or university green space. You can let your robot mower run at a time that is convenient to you day or night. For homeowners that want a beautifully manicured lawn without ever having to see or hear the mower, this option is invaluable.

6. Self charges and requires minimal management

The robot mowers return to base for charging and quietly works to your schedule. There is no oil to change, no gas to refill, there are no plugs to replace. In short, robot mowers require little maintenance just clean the undercarriage occasionally, and change the blades every 3 to 6 months.

Large green space facilities like sports fields, pitches or parks benefit from a regular mowing schedule. Let the automowers work tirelessly to produce carpet-like turf, while you focus on other important maintenance tasks.

Keep an eye on your robot fleet and control them via the phone app and web portal. It allows you tell the mower to mow now, mow in a different area or go back to base.

The majority of autonomous mowers come with built-in anti-theft features, so you can sleep soundly while your mechanical mower pulls a graveyard shift.

Ideal for the following applications…

Parks & gardens

  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Low Emission Areas
  • Hard to Reach Complex Areas
  • Turf Farms / Paddocks / Fields


  • Company Properties / Head Quarters
  • Holiday Parks / Hotels / Complexes
  • Power Stations / Water Reservoirs
  • Noise Sensitive Areas

Sports / golf  clubs

  • Range Ball Protection
  • Pitches & Fields
  • Night Time Mowing
  • Slopes up to 45%
  • Total Safety

Conclusion: Why commercial robotic mowers are the right choice

While you’ll certainly see a drastic reduction in the amount of time you spend thinking about your mowing your lawn, a robot won’t perform every task you need but will free you up to focus on other important tasks.

Overall, Belrobotics range of robot mowers offers better coverage, saves you time and money. Their low carbon footprint goes a long way to meet the emissions targets in your sector. They can offer better reliability and flexibility than traditional human staff. Thus providing flexible work schedules. As well as being easily adaptable to weather conditions.

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