5 tips to help you get rid of moles?

It isn’t generally the actually moles themselves that exasperate gardeners, but usually the molehills they create! These little insect-eating mammals are burrowers. Their tunnels form their burrows and the visible mounds on the surface are called a molehill. Here are handy tips to help you get rid of moles without wasting your time!

Moles are not haemophiliac!

One longstanding myth to be aware of is that moles are haemophiliac. This is NOT true, so don’t bother trying to use broken glass and other sharp objects in your green spaces. It is not recommended and can equally dangerous for humans and pets.

Natural remedies for driving moles away

There are lots of natural remedies listed as deterrents for moles, these are some of the most common than proved successful:

  • Dog hair in the tunnels
  • Elderberry: either concentrated, directly in the molehills, or branches close to the area to be protected
  • The strong odours of garlic or onion (fairly poor reliability, but less toxic than mothballs)
  • A stick planted in the entrance to the tunnel

Mole traps and mole catchers

A mole catcher is by definition a person whose job is to destroy moles. However, there are mole catchers that don’t kill the moles, but combat the animal while keeping it alive. In either case, the mole catcher will usually have traps that are environmentally friendly.

Moles don’t like noise and ultrasound!

Moles have a highly developed sense of hearing, unlike their eyesight which deteriorates as they get older. So moles are extremely sensitive to noise and vibration.

  • Home-made

    One common method is to position sticks carrying half an upside-down plastic bottle at the entrance to the tunnels. It may not look very attractive, but it’s effective in driving away the moles!

  • Ultrasonic devices

    Another frequently used alternative is to buy ultrasonic devices. These gadgets operate using either solar power or batteries. But watch out, as you’ll need a substantial number of devices to actually get rid of these infernal squatters.

Repeated mowing!

Yes: mowing drives moles away. However, mowing isn’t going to get rid of them for good. Like all the natural solutions, sound and ultrasound have to be repeated. The solution: repeated mowing?! Yes – but using a robot mower!

That will mean silence but constant ultrasound, along with a magnificent lush green lawn with little effort.

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